Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Matching Time Frames. The FLDS Fiasco to be over before school starts.

Friday I said it would be 60 days and Texas would make their move to get the kids back. Probably not all of them, but certainly some of them. With Willie Jessop being "restrained" from being near Teresa Jeffs, and her apparent "star witness" status at the Grand Jury, I continue to believe that is true. Wherever Teresa is, Willie cannot be for 90 days. I figure the Judge gave herself a little leeway as to time, perhaps things will take longer than July and August. Who knows? They may concoct a reason to get him into jail by then. The Deseret News;

SAN ANGELO, Texas — "A temporary restraining order, banning Fundamentalist LDS Church member and spokesman Willie Jessop from having contact, intimidating or coming within 500 feet of 16-year-old Teresa Jeffs, has been extended for 90 days."

There's really no reason for this except to isolate and intimidate witnesses and create the impression in the mind of the general public that Willie did something wrong. He hasn't.

"Salt Lake attorney Jim Bradshaw, who represented FLDS member Allen Steed in his Utah rape trial, was in Texas Tuesday and told reporters after the hearing that the ruling is not an indication that Jessop did anything wrong.

'I want to make it very clear Willie Jessop has done nothing wrong,' he said. 'He has no concern or desire to direct Teresa to what she does or doesn't do. All Willie wants to do is get a lawyer to represent her interests.'"

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