Sunday, June 29, 2008

Silence at the San Angelo Standard-Times on Carey Cockerell

(Cockerell, back to the Camera, testifies before Lawmakers April 30th, 2008.)

As the largest closest Newspaper to the FLDS story, the San Angelo Standard-Times has been a go to paper for breaking details and news on a number of occasions. They clearly act at times as if they wish the story would go away and at times, I am sure they are a bit understaffed when it comes to covering stories not on the streets of San Angelo. So I gave them a break when it came to reporting Carey Cockerell's resignation. After all it is the largest closest paper but the story did come out strategically timed on a Friday afternoon in the middle of a stock market sell off. You have to give them a break, they are only large by local standards.

But it's SUNDAY. A lot of smaller papers blow past a weekend edition when it comes to content. Saturday's paper usually get's the shaft. Sunday bulks up for leisurely reading, advertising and opinion. In Kalispell the "Daily Interlake" doesn't publish a Saturday edition, opting instead to come in late, and put out a Sunday edition, late Saturday evening.

Everybody gets a section of the paper on Sunday, kids fight over the comics and parents read the news and opinion columns, with Dad probably competing with teen sons over the sports section. So you save the "good stuff" for when people will pay attention.

There is nothing on the Carey Cockerell resignation. Nothing at all. Not a PEEP in the Standard-Times. The last story involving Mr. Cockerell is two months old.

This mirrors a major media silence on the story now that it's gone sour for them and by sour I mean, they don't have their "sex-beds" and their pregnant teens anymore so now they want to take their kleig lights and go home. If this had been the Scooter Libby resigning, or getting subpeoned they'd have been all over it. I grant you it's an election year and the FLDS story is not national election politics, but it is the LARGEST CHILD CUSTODY CASE IN US HISTORY, and it's no longer being covered. Carey Cockerell was a full on participant in the lies told by CPS against the FLDS, intoning before a Texas lawmaker's committee that 41 cases of broken bones "some among very young children" was a "cause for concern." Every other lie he might have been able to pass off on subordinates, but that one he should never have uttered. That one the MSM all eagerly repeated. As goes Cockerell so goes the MSM?

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