Wednesday, June 11, 2008

These are not the Droids (suspects) you want, move along...

I have numerous contacts in the press. You can be sure that if I have MENTIONED a reporters name, they're not one of my contacts, at least not so far. If I end up mentioning one someday, it won't be as a contact. My associations are confidential. They are also a one way street. I give information, I don't get any other than heads up for published material.

Except for one thing. A consistent theme. That being that Rozita is not important. No reason is given, no justification is given. Nothing convincing is offered to me to get me to even think the well has been checked for depth. "These aren't the conspirators you want...."

This I cannot accept. I have heard nothing to suggest that the cabal of Swinton, Nelson and Winters (the last two being publishers) has been examined. I have heard that we need to "protect the children" meaning Mary Catharine Nelson's foster children, but I've been told more than once by people in a position to know, that she doesn't have any anymore.

The truth? Just as I once suspected there was a possibilty that Rozita was the author of the books that were written including her, I didn't think it was likely. I offered it because it was possible, not the most probable of answers, but possible based on the fact that Mary Catharine Nelson, the foster mother, wouldn't answer the question "Are you Rozita?" and only the PRESIDENT of the publishing company, Paula Underwood Winters would claim to have seen her and I have good reason not to believe everything that comes from Paula.

So am I onto a dry well? Probably. Definitely? No. All I can do is ask. I'm a blogger. That makes me part amateur journalist, part wannabe pundit. There are many more reasons to ask that haven't been drilled down to bedrock as it were, than there ever were reasons to invade YFZ. I'd go about 40/60 to 30/70, the lower of the two odds being those of finding something conspiratorial on Rozita and her ultra radical lib lesbo supporting tragic chorus.

Several things about that last shot. I am against homosexuality. I have no problem WITH homosexuals. I'm not one. I'm a fundamentalist Christian in nearly all respects except for my stand on polygyny and I'd say that actually makes me more of a fundy that most fundies. What they do is decidedly NOT my business unless it's in my church, house, yard or with one of my kids. I'm not called to get a speck or log out of their eyes. Rozita's loyalties which are seemingly reciprocated are to people that undermine her supposedly devout LDS faith (not FLDS, LDS).

This is what concerns me. Clearly without enough disclosure to justify their lack of interest, the press has ignored Rozita beyond the human interest/circus freak sort of curiosity. I have no reason to believe that her story has been dug down far enough to even KNOW that. No one tries to find her. No one tries to interview her. Diligent effort to dig into her past is absent. Anything that might aid the innocent in the FLDS Fiasco would be best discovered NOW, as opposed to later and the press take notes at pretrial appearances and don't ask WHY all the delays for a mere misdemeanor charge.

I get the impression David W. Foley is pricey legal help for Colorado Springs. He's a connected ex prosecutor. He seems that he does have enough money to promote his practice. I could be wrong there but that's my impression. He doesn't return phone calls, to anyone investigating Rozita. Mary Catharine routinely refers everyone to him. He won't even do the courtesy of calling back to confirm an association. I would not for instance, bug Mary Catharine if he said he represented her, but he hasn't gone that far. I do know she claims not to be able to talk, due to an agreement with David Foley. Foley, who isn't ready for the case, has gone far enough as to find and secure non disclosure agreements with those in a position to know. Someone paid Rozita's bail. Someone probably paid David Foley to help her. It would be interesting to know who, which might answer a lot of the why.

An example of a question that I haven't even seen asked: Was Foley her attorney in her previous brushes with the law? That might throw some water on the fire of suspicion. I'd say it's less likely that his association is revealing if he's been her attorney before. I don't see any writing on this angle.

Sorry to keep repeating myself but the only reason these sorts of question aren't important are if Rozita is not part of something important. The only way to know that is to ask and answer those questions. It is still better to have those questions answered NOW, as opposed to later.

I want no vengeance. It is not my ox that is gored anyway. Vengeance is MINE sayeth the LORD and the government bears the sword indeed as a minister of God for our own good. What they do with Rozita after this is over may not satisfy me in terms of justice, but no one is asking me. If indeed Rozita is an accidental abuser, a true victim of her supposed illness, I too would want her to get help and be as free as she can of her torment. Sympathy and forgiveness only come with confession though. Rozita has not confessed. Therein perhaps, lies a tale.

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cheese said...

Why!Why!Why!Don't they out with the phone records of Flora,Leslie Brooks Long, and Rozita for the 3 or 4 weeks before the raid. Any contact between these three in that time period would PROVE a conspiriacy!!