Monday, June 23, 2008

Malonis-Walther-Brower Tag Team vs Teresa Jeffs

I don't think she stands a chance, because they won't listen to her. Nonetheless if it were on merits and sincerity, I'm sure Teresa Jeffs would whup 'em all. You go girl, be brave.

The San Angelo Standard-Times - (There is a) "2 p.m. hearing in the Tom Green County Courthouse will determine whether a temporary restraining order against Willie Jessop issued Friday by 51st District Judge Barbara Walther should be extended.

On Wednesday, the Schleicher County grand jury is expected to meet and hear evidence presented by the Texas Attorney General's Office in the case, which was sparked by a weeklong raid begun April 3 raid on the sect's YFZ Ranch near Eldorado."

(So it's going on right now.) CORRECTION, it will be TOMORROW. Pray for Teresa, I don't know if she's there or not but she should be. The Standard-Times is continuing the fiction that Teresa not be named because of allegations.

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kbp said...

Hugh, this was what i posted in a couple of spots to share that link. Sorry, I should have credited you for the link!


Malonis talks over hearing on restraining order

M"alonis and Tim Edwards, a San Angelo attorney who represents the girl's mother, have been working today to see whether they can head off a hearing.
"My thoughts based on what's happened the last few days," Malonis said, "is no one's willing to agree to anything."

Edwards declined to comment."

This coming from one that told us yesterday ""I'm trying to help her," Malonis said. "It's really not in any child's interest to waive their attorney-client privilege. I'm not going to fight with her in the media."

Now think about this wanna be superstar, she's telling us "no ones's willing to agree", while talking about four people involved in the discussion to agree. Malonis is talking to Teresa, her mother and the attorney that represents that mother (maybe another attorney that will represent Teresa in any criminal matters). I doubt the Guardian ad litim was there, as Teresa told us she has only seen her once.

It's looking more like ALL other parties involved will not agree with Natalie Malonis, so Natalie has to blame "everyone" as she blabs to a reporter.