Sunday, June 08, 2008

Fierce, Feminist and "In Your Face" or Helpless, Feminine and "Picked On?"

There is an infamous recording oft played on the Radio Talk Show giant Rush Limbaugh's program where some unknown feminist shouts that she's "in your face." I've "outed" two people now in my public lifetime, both of whom turned out to be women. I'm such a misogynist. I hate 'em. Right?

In truth I've never gone looking for women, I've gone looking for do-gooder busybodies that have wide Internet footprints that seek the limelight. In neither case could I be sure that the parties involved were actually women, they just said they were. Well, in both cases, they were.

It's amazing how these "in your face" women, one of whom was known to have laughed rather publicly that she could not be found, turned helpless damsel in distress when found. I, the big testosterone charged bad man was pursuing a helpless picked on girl. Never mind the fact that one portrayed herself as a sword wielding warrior, until she was found.

In both cases I experienced an interesting sequence of events. The subject of my outing at first turned up on Google searches, then didn't, then did, then didn't. Likewise with this latest incident of outing, I am having trouble being the result of a Google search on the topic. I get the impression there is some "complaint" feature I'm not entirely aware of yet that people employ with they don't like what your doing.

In both cases both women moved quickly to cover their tracks on the Internet so as not to be found. Both shut down their web sites. If you go to "" as of my last check, it says it's now "under construction." I just want to know, "what's up with that?"

Also in both cases I extended chances to discuss the matter to subjects of my search who both refused and tried the above tactics instead. Hiding, crying foul, not talking. Ladies, what got you into trouble in the first place was your big mouths. Try shutting up instead of strutting. Better yet, stay on the public stage when your challenged. You took to the ring on your own in the first place.

One of my newer "Favorite Sayings" is "you know you're over the target, if your getting flak." Well, I'm getting flak, so I must be over the target. Mary Catharine Nelson aka Kate Rosemary aka Merry Cate Noel, you're hiding something. You stuck your fierce feminist face into this FLDS debacle on your own. YOU sought the public eye on the subject, on your own. Well, now you're in it up to your neck. You probably won't get any relief until you clue us in one what gives. This is the BIGGEST child custody case in American, and probably therefore WORLD history. You said "hey, look at me." You have more information apparently than anyone else about the criminal who endangered hundreds of lives and abused 400 plus children by proxy through the state of Texas. Inquiring minds want to know why.

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