Friday, June 13, 2008

The Formation of a Political Action Group

Either this weekend or by Monday Evening I will have formed a Political Action Committee of some description here in Montana. I will either pay myself or my wife to run it. That means INITIALLY all donations going to the PAC or "Incidental Group" will be simply to run it. Of course if I start getting million dollar donations, I'll quickly go beyond that subsistence level activity and branch out into writing ballot initiatives and supporting candidates.

As I am informed by the elections board of Montana, PAC's don't need to incorporate, only register. If they collect a certain amount of money, which at this point I believe is more than $500.00, they have to start reporting that income, and they do so more frequently in an election year than in "off years."

I will expand the scope of the PAC to other states, probably ones like North and South Dakota, Wyoming and other low population states for the purposes of influencing the political process in favor of legalized Polygyny. I don't doubt that along with legalizing Polygyny I will also accomplish legalizing all forms of Polygamy but it is my object to legalize Polygyny only.

For this to work, I simply and bluntly need CASH. Don't sent it now, wait until I register the group, but when I do, if you see things my way, DONATE. If you don't donate, I can't pursue the goal of legalization.

As outlined in the previous post, we only need one state where it is legal to be Polygynous that also has broad consent laws or judicial permission laws. Such an accomplishment would insulate groups like the FLDS from nosy busybodies like Harvey Hilderbran and Flora Jessop from invading their homes and disrupting their lives. It would facilitate the "coming out" of many informal Polygynies that now exist.

I have a concrete plan for accomplishing this goal. A state with a low population can be influenced by voter registration. A time share condominium and or RV resort could be used to establish legal residency for voters in Wyoming or Montana where we could then elect officials and influence legislative agendas. It is no longer time to be bashful. The hijacking of 450 plus kids is an issue that ALL Americans should be concerned about. It should not happen again. We can co-ordinate to prevent such things, and we should.

Tentatively I'm going to call the PAC "The Marriage Contract." I am of course, open to suggestions, please post them here.

One of my proposed Out of State activities, would be to register the PAC in Texas and campaign against those legislators that went after the FLDS. Like Harvey Hilderbran. His obsessive campaign against the FLDS led to bare minimum, the waste of tens of millions of taxpayer dollars in Texas.

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Anonymous said...

Good for you! Follow your heart!

(You could call it "Polygyny and Contracts"--the PAC PAC)(sound effect: rimshot)

Hugh McBryde said...

Or "TuPac."