Friday, June 13, 2008

Jessop meets with Utah Attorney General "Representatives."

You can't say that Willie isn't willing. I would advise Willie not to meet again with Utah AG office personnel, at least not in a fashion covered by the press, unless he has preconditions. The Salt Lake Tribune;

"Willie Jessop, spokesman for the (FLDS), met with Kirk Torgensen, chief deputy, and several other staff members.

Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, who traveled to Nevada on Wednesday to discuss the FLDS and other polygamy issues with counterparts from three states, did not attend the gathering."

This is territorial and political, like it or not. In politics when you don't get a "face to face" meeting, you're not on equal footing. Utah's AG office wants to appear to meet with the FLDS to work things out. But you don't get to meet the head cheese, you meet an underling. The underling is then "not available for comment;"

"Torgensen did not return a telephone call Thursday night. Paul Murphy, spokesman for the Attorney General's Office, did not attend but also said the meeting was a positive first step."

Then some other willing functionary, who ALSO did not attend the meeting, is trotted out to characterize that meeting. This then reveals what Mark Shurtleff wants from the meeting, in terms of appearances. "I tried, this is what I think the meeting means, even though I was not there."

"'We're hoping the FLDS church is going to stop underage marriages, which is the No. 1 issue we've had,' Murphy said. The Attorney General's Office also has wanted clarification from Jessop about his role in representing the FLDS church. 'We still need to hear who he is and how much authority he has to carry out whatever he says,' Murphy said."

First he rolls out the lie. The lie is the idea that the FLDS advocates underage marriage and Utah does not. I'm betting right now that I can find, without looking, same age marriage ages for girls that Utah is trying to say the FLDS engages in, and promotes, that Utah does not. I've done it in Texas, I've done it in New Jersey, the only reason I haven't done it elsewhere is a combination of time (50 states) and knowing where to look.

If Utah sanctions one marriage to a 14 or 15 year old, then it LIES when it says that it's concern is "underage marriage." By implication what Utah is also saying is that it cares that "children are having sex." They don't, they just want to control who is having "sex with children." They want it to be other children, or on rare occasion, a monogamous adult having sex with a child.

Then he takes a slap at Willie, who came in good faith, seeing if he has the " carry out whatever he says." You can bet these remarks were prepared in advance of the meeting. I'd say; "Willie, don't go" to the next offered meeting, without preconditions and a joint press conference afterwards.

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