Saturday, June 07, 2008

We must legalize it now. Polygamy.

In actual fact I wish to have Polygyny legalized. I am morally opposed to Polyandry, a form of Polygamy and actually would declare that such a union is no union and no marriage. Group marriages are not recognized by God. Clan marriages are not recognized by God. As scripture tells it marriage is actually a relationship defined as being (among other things) "one man" and "woman." The concept of woman in scripture is embodied in the word 'ishshah which in Hebrew might best be translated as "joined, joiner or joining." Look it up. It's used to describe how five curtains are joined together as one in the temple, by God. The concept describing what a woman is is also the concept for marriage, among other things. I believe that marriage or the husband wife relationship is a continuum of relationship having it it, one living man.

The train has LEFT the station when it comes to legalizing Polygamy. Yisrayl (Buffalo Bill) Hawkins has been charged with Bigamy in Texas. Not FLDS members, Yisrayl Hawkins. He's a nut job. Certifiable. He thinks the world will end, was going to end, but now will end soon, but might not end soon as he said, but could end soon after that. Nutters. Wacked. Any pejorative term for crazy that you might want to choose. I've been looking forward with dread to the time when such a test case would occur. Now it has.

Why DREAD if I am a Polygyny supporter? Because with this case, and the fact that this month in California gays can start getting married we're loosing control of the perception of marriage and thus the legal climate in which it exists. As far back as 2004-2005 I said it was coming. Legal Polygyny. But it would come in the form of legalized EVERYTHING. Men with Goats, women with donkeys, five men with four women, ten gay guys, 20 lesbians, you name it.

Good, you say. Bring it on. However, the problem with that is we will not define our relationships legally. They will be legal, but they will be defined by the state. Suddenly let us suppose, you are in a Polygyny and your wife wants to start having sex with, your other wife. Sin is sin folks. Don't think it won't happen. Marriage laws being defined by the state, she and that other wife says, well, "WE want a divorce." Oh oh. Or maybe you have three wives, two turn lesbian, one sits on the fence and "doesn't want to get involved." You get the picture?

How about this. Your wives decide (the majority of them) that they want to marry another man. But wait. This is ADULTERY you say. Good luck. The state defines marriage as a LEGAL concept. The state also defines DIVORCE as a legal concept. You're out bucko, paying child support and arrested for pressing your nose up against the glass of what used to be your former household. Once Polygyny is LEGAL, the legal destruction of it or legal modification of it is a state matter.

If Buffalo Bill lives long enough he is going to be before the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court might well have a decidedly liberal bent after January 20th, 2009. President Barack Obama might just appoint Hillary to the court. Who knows what deal they made yesterday?

You do not WANT the chaos that sudden court declarations make, instead you want to do it in an orderly fashion. Thus I suggest again Marriage Contracts. This is good for the "One Man One Woman" crowd. It works for the "Big Love" crowd. It works unfortunately for gays that wish to be "married" and Bisexuals who wish to express their sexual "preference" in the context of "marriage."

You can't control your neighbor, don't try. Texas just did and see where it got them? Arizona tried 55 years ago with similar results. In a legal climate where there are no cohabitation laws to restrict consenting people from having sex behind closed doors in whatever manner they wish, all you do is end up with people who can't produce a piece of paper to say the state knows about it.

What we need right now is a push to legalize Polygyny which unfortunately will result in other legal relationships. We also need to push at the same time for marriage contracts, maybe push for them even before that. With marriage contracts in place we can say for instance, that marriage is "One Man/One Woman" if we wish to. I think you people are nuts, but to be fair, you people think I AM NUTS. The point being I can help YOU preserve your marriage the way you see it, and you can help me preserve MINE.

Marriage contracts will allow us to do things like predetermine custody, asset splits, those sorts of things. We should go before our legislatures and if we have Neanderthal, backward, stone age concepts of marriage, so be it. I for instance want a marriage contract that says none of my wives can ever do anything but run off and leave. I won't get that, but I might get a contract that says she can run off, but unless she does so for specified predetermined reasons, she gets a check and a "so long." If anybody wishes to join such a "ridiculous" or "sexist" arrangement, that's their problem. You might wish to form a 50-50 partnership. I think YOU'RE nuts, but I can't stop you, that's your problem, not mine.

I cannot realistically ask the state to insulate me from all the consequences what they call a divorce based on my religious beliefs. I might be able to say "I get the kids" up front, unless abused is proved as a crime, in court (not as a custody issue.) If a wife wishes to "play the harlot" then, and leave me, I might still regard her in MY mind as my wife, but I keep the kids, she gets an asset check, she leaves, and the state says she is divorced from my marriage. That would solve a lot of FLDS problems, it would solve a lot of mine, and it might just be something that could be legally accomplished.

Otherwise you're going to have marriage be constantly recreated as a legal concept by the state over and over and over again. The consequences of that are about as ugly as your imaginations can make them.

I think I'm pretty much done with the FLDS controversy. I am not an FBI agent, I don't have the resources of the press. I think I've exposed as much of what is going on as an unemployed man in rural Montana can.

I would like a NEW job, not in the car industry, but promoting legalized polygyny and marriage contract issues. I don't think I'm going to get that job, but you could fool me. Send money. Send enough and I'll incorporate as some sort of advocacy group, "not for profit" or otherwise. I'll do whatever political action thing is necessary to promote the cause. I'll go on Oprah if I have to. I'll finish my book. Whatever. Right now though it looks like I will have to go to work again in, in sales. Sooner or later my public self in business will be merged to my public self in terms of profession and I'll have to give up one, the other, or both. I do have a PayPal button and you CAN tell me you want me to do this. Or not.

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