Thursday, June 12, 2008

Why aren't you after gays?

Why isn't there a Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual crimes task force? Why not raid the set of "Two and a half men?" Frankly, I love the show but it has regular references to "hot girl on girl action" and "three ways." There has been a minor on the set playing the character of "Jake" now for five years. There are gay crimes, is there no gay crime related summit planned?

The Deseret News
- LAS VEGAS — "The top law enforcement authorities from Utah, Arizona, Nevada and Texas gathered in a closed-door summit here, mapping out a cooperative plan to go after crimes within polygamous sects."

If in fact it is not wrong to be Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender and if it is OK for such persons to adopt when their lifestyle precludes reproduction, why is it wrong for to be polygynous? Again the answer keeps coming back to pedophilia and children's rights. Religiously inspired polygyny for Christianity and offshoots of Christianity, such as Latter Day Saints has a lot to do with taking the Bible seriously. I have shown in writings elsewhere that King Josiah was sexually active at the tender age of about 13 or 14. It's ridiculous to suggest that his brides were older women. If you did however, then they would be the pedophiles and Josiah their victim.

Scripture also teaches betrothal, a practice of early marriage and later consummation through sex. The fact that the example of Joseph and Mary, parents to the Christ child were in such a tight relationship that divorce would have been necessary to break it belies the notion that betrothal was the equivalent of contemporary engagement. Hebrews had a notion of what it meant to be "too young" but it mostly had to do with sexual maturity.

So in this nation of religious freedom, when a man or woman picks up the Bible, listens to the Apostle Paul and takes; "All scripture" as "given by inspiration of God" and "profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness," they must then have the option to take such things to heart. We are after all, a nation of Religious Freedom, aren't we?

Instead we have an attempt to modernize that ends up with a small portion of our population being chaste because we have increasingly prudish bans on sexual behavior before a certain age. Texas has laws after all, introduced by Harvey Hilderbran that are specifically designed to destroy polygyny NOT by outlawing promiscuity, but by outlawing specific age differentials in sex. You can as I have said, bed the whole cheerleading squad if you're the quarterback of the team, but you can't touch one of them and commit to them for life, if you're a married coach.

So no, polygynists don't commit crimes in any special sense, but because again, they are unable to legally sanction their relationships, not unlike registering a car, they can be targeted by groups like these four Attorneys General. In the meantime we now have a definition of sex education that amounts to "have sex as often as you like with your classmates," and if it doesn't destroy your life completely, you can live a life of regret, as an adult.

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