Monday, June 09, 2008

Did Rozita Just Speak?

I got two comments today on this blog. From "Anonymous." They were, as nearly as I can tell with my limited tools, posted from Colorado Springs. It goes like this. Someone LOOKED at the two threads from Colorado Springs, then someone POSTED to the blog. Here are the comments.

"Once again this Mr. McBryde lets the world know that he is a narrow-minded racist who believes that all black people love watermelon. I wonder if he wears his pointy white hat while he sits in front of his 386 computer, or if he just wears the robe. If I had to choose between Rozita Swinton or Mr. McBryde to tend children, I would choose Rozita, rather than McBryde any day of the week.
Who in their right mind would leave tender young children in the care of a hate-mongering, narrow-minded pinhead like this guy?"

The above was the second comment, here is the first;

"Look. Now even chauvinistic Biggot's can have a web site where they can sit and spew hate and lies about people because they are women or have skin of a different color.
Now this idiot has found a Black Woman to focus his narrow-minded hostilities at, and he is in heaven.
Hugh needs to get a job and learn how to contribute to society in a productive manner, rather than sitting home and eating cheese that he got from some government give-away program spewing HATE across the internet. Guys like this are dangerous and should be made to wear helmets and stay away from sharp objects."

Did Garbo just speak? If so, I think I just got the first interview with our elusive mass child abuser.

UPDATE: The comments came after 13 pages and 8 minutes and 19 seconds of viewing. They were on Qwest's network out of Colorado Springs, Colorado today. The viewer found the site looking for the search phrase "Hugh McBryde." It may not be Rozita, but it dang sure is someone who knows her. The pages viewed were mostly about Rozita. All of this comes from combining information available through "Blogflux" and "Google Analytics."

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