Saturday, June 28, 2008


Take a look at both of these pictures and tell me what's similar about them. I'll give you my thoughts later. Both are mug shots, so that doesn't count.

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Xorphshire said...

Perhaps the notable holding in of the bottom lip?

Hugh said...

That would be a big BINGO. That is precisely what I saw in the man, whose name is Morley who trafficked in pornography so vile as to be nearly unspeakable. It involves the rape of INFANTS.

Rozita and he strike the same pose. The other similarity? Though there is a difference in degree and result, both are child abusers. Rozita abused by proxy through the State of Texas, hundreds of children.

I was struck how much one reminded me of the other. I saw Morley's picture, and thought "SWINTON!"