Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Texas Rangers and the Texas CPS. No one thought to trace the phone call

Two SEPARATE investigations and 4 or more days. No one checks the phone number. The Salt Lake Tribune.

"The documents show that in late March Texas Rangers and Child Protective Services were independently contacted about an abused girl at the YFZ Ranch and had begun separate investigations.
As CPS prepared to visit the ranch, Texas Rangers asked the agency to hold off until it readied its own response. That helps explain why four days lapsed between the call - now known to be a hoax - and the raid, initiated on April 3."

Just a reminder of how STUPID this all was in the first place. Two agencies, four days, no due diligence.

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kbp said...

Just for the record, a part of a comment I'd posted elsewhere:

"...The initial call was March 29th (no exact time given), the same day something should have been done if they believed Sarah and the baby she was carrying was in any danger of physical assaults. I count March 29th, 30th, 31st, April 1st, 2nd and 3rd (late in the evening) as a span of FIVE days the state wasted as they planned this conspiracy. There cannot be more than a 3 hour shortage of it having been FIVE full 24 hour days, for the raid started at 9 pm (IIRC)."

Even if it was short of being 5/24 hour days of delay, it was definately more than just 4.

This only adds to the reasoning in Hugh's post!

On the "[t]wo SEPARATE investigations...", it's looking more like the Rangers and the CPS were just the tools used by others in higher command on a single investigation for ways to get rid of the FLDS in Texas.!

Hugh McBryde said...

Which is all the more reason to investigate Rozita Swinton. It sounds like there was a plan to do this in a specific time frame and when no justification supplied itself, one was provided. No one questioned the "justification" because it was "just what the Doctor ordered."

As I have pointed out before, CPS was not worried about the failure of the pretext as they were dealing with a large number of children and were statistically certain what they would find when they went in. Much to their surprise, the FLDS represented a statistical anomaly and there was in fact NO normal incidence of abuse, there was in fact an almost total dearth of it. Perhaps none at all.

Texas "knew" that with a large group of people all they had to do was get in the door and keep up the pretext for investigation and it wouldn't be long before they "Found something." Their press releases fit the standard pattern of what they expected to find, from a "survey says" point of view. To their horror, they didn't find normal or even low rates of such "normal abuse." They found NONE.