Monday, June 16, 2008

Taking Advantage of the California "Same Sex Marriage" ruling.

Gay "Marriages" start today in California right after 5pm pacific time. Someone needs to go there, and obtain seek to obtain a license to marry with the clear statement that they are ALREADY married.

Let me be clear that they do not NEED to actually get married, only to seek a license to wed. Take with you proof of your current marriage, show up there with yet another potential bride, and ask to marry. Again.

There is no logical reason why gays can "marry" legally and polygynists cannot. If for instance you claimed Bisexuality, and said you wished to have your relationships officially recognized just as homosexuals do, how then could you be turned away?

I'm not encouraging any heterosexual man or woman to declare bisexuality. I'm just pointing out that a "Bisexual" woman could in fact wish to be married to the necessary number of sex partners required to actively express that bisexuality and end up being married to, hmmm, a man, and that man married to two women, right?

I volunteer for such an attempt. In my case I need probably a California resident woman to take me up on it. The trip would have to be funded, as I am destitute, but first I would need a volunteer. I would go to the courthouse with the California resident with my proof of existing marriage and say I wanted a license to get married again. With her.

Just to be clear, we wouldn't actually go through with it, the wedding that is. We'd just get the license, or start the court cases necessary to do so later.

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kbp said...

If you were denied a license (civil case), that is a tough road to use to challenge a criminal law.

I doubt any attorney would help.

Hugh McBryde said...

I thought the whole proceeding would be a civil case.

kbp said...

If it is to challenge "bigamy", then it would be a civil case challenging a criminal law.

If it is to challenge only being denied what you feel is your right - to have a license to a plural marriage - I'm not certain there is a case.

If the state would only license you to marry 2 wives, would it be a violation of your rights if they would not license a 3rd?

I must admit that license alone is not something I see clearly as a violation of rights. Why must a state license and approve of it?

Hugh McBryde said...

I don't believe a license is necessary but having the ability to have marriages legally recognized in some way as polygynies would eliminate the interest of state Attorneys General when it comes to the child abuse angle. If a 14 year old can marry monogamously, then she or he would also be able to marry polygynously eliminating the meddling of the state.

Frankly I want marriages to go private and just sign contracts. Then you would only have to show up in court or register the marriages in some way if you wanted to divorce. Maybe not even then as arbitration or signed settlements could be used.

kbp said...

I must admit it would put the matter on the table in the CA. media!

Disciple said...

I'm not by any means rich, but I'd be willing to help foot the bill, if you can find the lady.

(Why don't you post the same suggestion at some of the "facebook" pro-polygyny groups?)

Just what would you estimate the total cost to be?

Hugh McBryde said...

Gas there and back. Hmmmm. That's about a 1600 mile round trip, divided by 30, maybe about $250-$300 in gas. I then need a BRIDE. and I figure lodging, maybe another $300. I figure I go to where the potential bride is. I need to drum one up in California. There's this nurse.....