Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Ever Stranger Rozita Swinton Story

This morning I did a "background" interview with someone who was in a position to know details about the Rozita Swinton story. I have done several background interviews. This one was what I would think is deep background. The person I interviewed will not be named. They were considerate enough to talk to me. In truth I think they spent most of the time they did spend with me in an effort to dissuade me from publishing anything on Mary Catharine Nelson, who is now known to be the Vice President Editor & Owner of Westview Publishing.

I in turn assured her that if I discovered Kate's real name (it turned out I already had) I would not disclose it if I could be convinced that it wasn't relevant. Well, it was relevant. Any time you discover that the Foster Mother of the instigator of the whole FLDS story is also part owner and/or manager of the publishing company that has been feeding fluff and lies to the press ABOUT that instigator, it's a story in and of itself.

We already have sisters on one side of the raid story, one advising the CPS to go in while the other profits from a book and probable movie deal, and now we have author-publishers on the other side of the country who are trying to make a tragic-heroic TV movie story out of Rozita. All the sympathetic pictures of Rozita doing wonderful things on a "mission" trip to El Salvador that was strongly implied to be for the "Mormon" church were fed to us by two women that stand to make money, maybe a lot of money off the story. The story was clearly spun and frankly embellished with untrue or at least questionable facts and given to outlets like KRDO who had every reason to believe it WAS the truth. I know a couple of reporters now that are a little narrow eyed over the whole business as they certainly feel they have been conned.

I'm not joking when I say that Rod Parker ought to subpoena everything that Westview Publishing has on it's computers and phone records. He also ought to do the same with Mary's home records and with Paula's (president of Westview Publishing). They haven't been telling us the truth and some of the information they possess might easily have shortened this whole mess.

Certainly all they have may be looked at and turn out to be as big a dry hole as YFZ did for child abuse but Rod has every reason to want to look at those records for his clients and make that judgment along with them. They certainly have more cause to look than CPS ever did when they charged in with APC's and ringed the FLDS with snipers.

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