Friday, June 06, 2008

The FLDS Children PLEAD with their parents, "FLEE!"

Just go to this post at "Save the FLDS Children." Apparently the children wish to leave Texas now. They're scared it will happen all over again.

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Anonymous said...

On behalf of the children, to which the free site is dedicated, I thank you for helping to spread the word concerning this travesty.

The parents are now seeing come to pass what every Mental Health expert in the Country knew what would happen
in this case. These children are emotionally and psychologically crippled. Why wouldn't they be?

Sadly, the only thing that is going to rally the support of the Texas taxpayer is the need for them to open their wallet's to pay for this debacle. The 30 million dollar price tag doesn't faze them, they will look the other way for that amount of money.

On the other hand, if 2 or 3 HUNDRED million were added to the pot,the outrage over these childrens persecution would be enough to get them off the couch and on their clowns back.

The problem is, we're dealing with
people who leave injustice to their God. After all the hurt and pain inflicted upon them and their children, they bear no malice.

Unfortunately, CPS will get away with this and be free to destroy their next victims.

These children have suffered in vain,the perpetrators will win unless CPS and the State of Texas is held accountable.

Bill Medvecky

Anonymous said...


The free site is going to start an
"Adopt a Family" Program for the Mother's and children who are too frightened to return home.

Can you either call or e mail me? We would like for you to consider putting a blurb on your site. We need Churches and service organizations to commit to help suppoting one family until the children feel secure and safe once again.

Many Thanks,

Bill Medvecky
239 826 3831