Thursday, June 05, 2008

Governor Perry's vote of No Confidence for CPS

It's a great article over at the Dallas Morning News because it shows blustering politicians at their, um, most political? Anyway, Gov. Perry fires off some tired old cliches about abuse and Willie Jessop gets right back in his face.

Go Willie go!

That's one great part of the article, and then there is this, when Governor "Stand by Your CPS worker" Perry is asked if he's going to fire anybody;

"Mr. Perry, asked if he will fire or discipline any state officials because of the way the case was handled, said, 'I think that with the knowledge that the CPS had at the time they acted, that they acted with the best interest of those children.'"

Um, that's NOT a no.

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John said...

For goodness sakes, Hugh, Perry will award the CPS leadership with medals. The Texas Order of the Alamo, at least.

Hugh McBryde said...

It has a little "Wake Island" flavor, doesn't it?