Saturday, June 07, 2008

Why did Rozita want to protect children from abuse so badly?

I think she was imitating her Foster Mother, Mary Catharine Nelson who was a case manager for the state of Tennessee's Department of Children's Service. Her former charge Rozita Swinton sent Texas Child Protective Services into YFZ. When newspapers can mention the sad coincidence that Rozita had a court date the same day that her brother Courtney appeared in Nashville on a drug charge, isn't it more relevant to know that her foster mother was obsessed with child safety and worked in the equivalent department of Tennessee state government that attacked the FLDS in Texas?

Do you want to know WHY Rozita Attacked the YFZ
? Find Mary Catharine Nelson, dig there. It's the first LOGICAL spot to do so. Rozita's father is apparently estranged from her. Her mother apparently does not want to talk, but there was a good relationship apparently between her foster mother and Rozita.

Did Mary have a child services/crisis intervention directory of some sort that Rozita took with her? She's called shelters all over the country. Has she been back to Kingston Springs TN since she left after spending time there?

Was there some sort of conspiracy to use Rozita against the YFZ? All conspiracy stories are a bit weak, but some conspiracies have been known to occur. Did for instance Mary Catharine Nelson KNOW Judge Barbara Walthers? Probably not, but they're both United Methodists. Dr. Peggy Ann Way is a close friend of another feminist type who now teaches in Texas. Was there any commerce between Texas CPS and Mary Catharine Nelson? There's only one way to know and that is to ask and look. I suspect strongly that what will be found is who Rozita is connected to, not an active conspiracy involving Mary, but it needs to be looked at. Rozita tells a wild story of abduction that goes through Texas.

If ANYONE wants to know why Rozita did what she did, the logical journey starts in Kingston Springs. It may branch far and wide there, but that's where the trail is. You can trace back from there, you can go forward from there. If you haven't gone there, you don't care.

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Anonymous said...

Look. Now even chauvinistic Biggot's can have a web site where they can sit and spew hate and lies about people because they are women or have skin of a different color.
Now this idiot has found a Black Woman to focus his narrow-minded hostilities at, and he is in heaven.
Hugh needs to get a job and learn how to contribute to society in a productive manner, rather than sitting home and eating cheese that he got from some government give-away program spewing HATE across the internet. Guys like this are dangerous and should be made to wear helmets and stay away from sharp objects.

Hugh McBryde said...

Hmmm. The amount of time I have spent unemployed over the last 10 years is probably less than the amount of time most folks get in vacation. I rarely get a vacation.

Glad to know you have the courage to come out into the open, and post with a name :)

I fail to see how my interest in finding the motivations behind an abuser of over 400 children constitutes hatred. Or Chauvinism, or bigotry.

I'm in a van, and I am down by the river, but I have yet to incorporate Government Cheese into my steady diet.



Disciple said...

If Anonymous is really so caring and loving, perhaps he (she?) should to to and see some of the pain that all this has caused.

Should not the perpetrators of such gross injustice answer for their crimes?

Interesting that you would cry out so loudly about "hate" being spewed just because Hugh is trying to get at the truth. Interesting that you are truly doing so much spewing of hate.

Look at what those children went through. Stop and think about it.

Do you maybe hate the truth?

Are you maybe Rozita?

Hugh McBryde said...

My second and third guesses would be that the poster is Paula Underwood Winters or Mary Nelson. In could be anyone, but I don't buy the misspelling of "biggot" by either of them.

Capitalizing "Black Woman", to ME at least indicates a sense of identity.

freehawk said...

Reading All the comments I don't understand how Mr. McBryde is defining finding a black woman, but the perpetrator of a crime.
I believe for the most part Mr. McBryde has been more sane in this case than those who rushed in and grabbed 460 children at gunpoint. I notice also that he has tried to discover why this lady did the things she did and who fueled this apparent rage inside her. She has arrest warrants a mile long.
Somebody else is using this woman.
Bless her heart. Rozita is really a troubled lady, she needs help, I hope somebody finds her and helps her find some real counseling. God bless Rozita.