Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Brooke Adams makes good points.

In her Blog, "The Plural Life," Brooke Adams observes;

"Three cases (against Warren Jeffs) were dismissed after the underlying charges against the other men fell apart. One case is a redo of the Utah charge involving Elissa Wall and Allen Steed."

Which still makes me wonder, since there is no "underlying conviction" of Allen Steed, what will happen if he pleads down, as seems to be on the table in his case or is acquitted altogether. Ok, really, I'm not wondering. I plan to be outraged entirely and screaming "injustice" if Steed is not convicted of the crime Warren is said to have "abetted."

Then she recounts;

"The defense makes another point about the state improperly controlling the grand jury. It uses the following exchange to illustrate what it sees as unfair direction of jurors and the state's failure to properly explain accomplice liability:

Grand Juror: 'I haven't heard or read or anything about this case, so the first I heard anything about it. So the girl Elissa was married to a 19-year-old, and that's who she had relationships with, but Warren Jeff -- Warren Jeffs is the one that did all the ceremonial, spiritual stuff, right?'

Mohave County Attorney Matt Smith: 'You can answer it.'

Mohave County Investigator Gary Engles: 'Yes.'

Juror: 'Okay. Did Warren Jeffs ever have sex with the girl himself?'

Engles: 'No.'

Juror: 'Isn't that what we're . . . did he ever . . .I'm kind of confused. It says that we're . . . Warren Jeffs, sexual conduct with a minor.'

The prosecutor answered by having Engles reiterate that no FLDS have free will and that all must follow the teachings of the church's leader or they are condemned to hell. That, Piccarretta argues, amounts to 'commandeering the proceedings' to unfairly influence jurors."
Remind me, how did Warren ever get convicted in the first place?

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