Sunday, June 22, 2008

Elissa Wall's 30 pieces of silver.

Having scattered the flock and done their best to destroy the FLDS, the state has what it wants. What does Elissa get? Any and everything she can have her lawyers find that the state helped procure. Isn't it ODD that her sister was right at Sheriff Doran's ear urging him to enter YFZ?

The Deseret News
- "Lawyers for a former child bride who testified against FLDS leader Warren Jeffs want to keep the United Effort Plan Trust on the hook for any potential damages arising from her multimillion-dollar civil lawsuit against the polygamous sect. In a motion opposing the UEP Trust's request for summary judgment, attorneys for Elissa Wall argue the UEP was intertwined with the FLDS Church and leadership."

Elissa's attorneys are even trying to pry their way into attorney client priveleged communcations. They want it all.

"The law firm has objected to the subpoenas.

'Our position is that our communications with the previous trustees are privileged,' said Rod Parker, an attorney with Snow Christensen and Martineau who is voluntarily acting as a spokesman for the FLDS people. 'As a law firm, those privileges are not ours to waive.'"

This is why I keep breathing the word conspiracy. The state hates the FLDS and wants it gone, they conspire with and use people like Elissa who in turn uses them. Everything is neatly timed to promote her book, she becomes wealthy, Flora gets her revenge, the state gets rid of pests and panders to it's monogamy only constituancy pretending they have prosecuted polygamy when they have done anything but.

Who's goals are being served and met? Follow that trail and see if it intersects with people like Rozita.

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Disciple said...

I suspect the ultimate agenda is to homogenize society something akin to that society portrayed in Huxley's "Brave New World".

The FLDS is being targeted because of their practice of polygyny and acceptance of (some) young women marrying at an age that the surrounding society has come to consider to be "too young". Both of these are anathema to the "Brave New World".

Additionally, there is the dynamice of being a group with common beliefs which has helped to shelter them from the indoctrinational forces of the surrounding society. So if the group can be weakened, then the individuals are easier prey. (Anyone reading this comment who has not yet read your entry " Genocide - How Texas may have gotten what it wanted." should definitely do.)

And what about those of us who have no group dynamic? Is there another continent out there waiting to be settled?

Xorphshire said...

Thanks Hugh. I've often wondered just what else, besides her silly book, was in this for her.

When she finally left, (I forgot what year it was) she originally wanted nothing to do with anything as far as attacking the FLDS. Dan Fischer was the the first to contact her after she left to try and get a lawsuit going. Needless to say, it wouldn't surprise me to find out that some her first big time paydays came directly from Dan.

cheese said...

Xorphshire, Jethro helped by working Lamont over as well.