Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More Evidence of the Turning Tide.

Now the press is starting to see who is on the winning side, and the admiration begins to show;

The Austin American-Stateman - SALT LAKE CITY — "The lawyer who regularly stands before TV cameras to defend a polygamous sect gets some praise for speaking up for what many consider an unpopular cause.

Rod Parker's critics, however, wonder how he sleeps at night."

During the crisis? I know I would have gotten very little sleep. Now? I'd sleep long and hard and smile. I'm sure he sleeps very well. Protecting over 400 children does that for you.

"'They really needed help,' Parker said of the Texas members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. 'It was the kind of call you cannot say "no" to.'

Authorities suspecting abuse at the sect's ranch in Eldorado took charge of more than 400 children in April. But they were returned to their parents after Texas courts said the state's child-welfare agency went too far."

Sometimes reporting is like bad play by play. They just follow the story around, without trying to tell it.

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Anonymous said...

Once I became aware of what was going on, (which sadly took me almost a month glibly listening to MSM garbage - I am ASHAMED), I did not sleep well until the SCOT ruling. Rod Parker's sleeping patterns? Are Voss and Marleigh on Ambien these days?

Kathy said...

Not all are turning. Look at this from GoSanAngelo:

“CPS deserves praise for raid on YFZ Ranch”


I especially gagged when I read this:

“evidence was not only compelling but practically overwhelming…”

Excuse me? I don’t think so!

And I love this,

“no matter what else can be said for television news, it is regulated, monitored and simply not allowed to tell lies…”

LOL !! TV reporters are not allowed to tell lies??? I WISH!!!

Hugh McBryde said...

The reporter is from Great Britain.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I've been a bit hard on myself - I instinctively felt something was wrong at my first hearing of the news;and my first posting questioning the raid occurred on April 18. I didn't start blogging until May.

Yes, the opinion piece that kathy refers to is authored by a British visitor to San Angelo. I'm happy she feels qualified to opine on the conditions of a country she doesn't permanently live in or pay taxes to.

And in Britain, TV is run by the government. So, no, they probably can't tell obvious lies on tv there. Unless the government wants lies to be told.

James said...

Rod can go to confession if he blows it and ask [God] for helping grace. But I'll bet he is a little bit bothered by the fact that some FLDS children aren't treated with the dignity a child really deserves: to have both his parents committed to each other totally. Polygamists can't really do that. But that level of loss of dignity really doesn't rise to the level of needing government interference. The state can only ask for reasonable; only God can ask for the perfect.

Hugh McBryde said...

James, I appreciate your point of view but where does God say a child deserves parents that are both equally committed? I think you can find evidence in fact to the contrary.

Lucille said...

But I'll bet he is a little bit bothered by the fact that some FLDS children aren't treated with the dignity a child really deserves: to have both his parents committed to each other totally

That's the ideal. But that's not a legal standard. Otherwise CPS would swoop in the moment any couple divorces, if either spouse commits adultery, if one spouse is in a job that requires frequent travel, such as a truck driver or military, or perhaps even if one parent died.