Friday, June 20, 2008

I was being too NICE. CPS WILL force children to testify.

And they're continuing to assail the reputation of FLDS members, particularly Willie Jessop.

The Deseret News - "A court-appointed lawyer for a 16-year-old girl taken in the raid on the Fundamentalist LDS Church's YFZ Ranch in Texas is seeking a restraining order against a high-profile member of the polygamous sect.

"The restraining order accuses FLDS member Willie Jessop of trying to coerce the girl into avoiding a subpoena to testify at next week's grand jury proceedings."

Right away we have two assaults. One is on a child who does not want to testify and doesn't agree with what it is they want her to testify about. The other on Willies character, much like the lies that were told last week about the FLDS Mafia that had no basis. Clearly airing those accusations was a set up of this action ("I'm AFRAID of EVIL WILLIE JESSOP, keep him away from my poor client.")

"'Based on my dealings with Willie Jessop, I believe that he exercises a great deal of control over (the girl), and I am certain that he is interested in protecting the church's interests and the interests of certain influential male members as opposed to (the girl's) legal interests,' court-appointed attorney Natalie Malonis wrote in an affidavit filed in a San Angelo court."

It must be Evil Willie's influence because;

"In a letter to Judge Barbara Walther, the girl denied being a sex abuse victim, said she was not pregnant and accused her attorney of acting against her wishes.

'I have tried to work with her since, and have tried to cooperate with her,' the girl wrote. 'I have told her the truth, but she continues to make derogatory statements about my religion and my family.'"

It can't be because her client wants her to go away and leave her alone, it has to be Evil Willie. This is sheer and outright panic behavior going into the Grand Jury proceeding. It's also evidence of coercion every bit as heinous if not more so than the coercion Evil Willie is supposed to be exercising.

"Malonis blames Jessop and filed the restraining order on Friday, including an affidavit from a private investigator working for lawyers suing the FLDS Church. Sam Brower also accused Jessop of intimidating him in the past."

Sam Brower is an anti FLDS activist. He has a vested interested in portraying Willie Jessop in an unattractive fashion.

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