Monday, June 16, 2008

San Angelo's Moron Press doesn't "get it."

Sorry to be abusive in speech, but you folks are MORONS. I shall explain.

The San Angelo Standard-Times
: "While this case is no longer dominating the news, it far from over. CPS officials will continue reviewing the families' situation, and a criminal investigation is ongoing. Furthermore, we urge the Legislature to review these events to determine if Texas laws regarding CPS or marriage should be changed."

There IS no "Criminal Investigation", there are law enforcement agencies investigating for the purposes of discovering a Crime. How have we come to this that we so readily discard the rights of all by pushing the notion that this is a "Criminal Investigation?" If it is, they have a crime or a victim and perhaps we seek a perpetrator.

If you were to walk into the agencies investigating for the purposes of discovering a crime right now and asked them, "what crime do you investigate" they COULD NOT TELL YOU. They had all the kids, 60 days, the run of the YFZ ranch and in fact they STILL DO. They cannot name for you a crime.

Thus Law Enforcement is by definition PERSECUTING the FLDS at YFZ by subjecting them to special scrutiny based on the idea that the scrutiny itself will yield (eventually) an as yet unnamed crime.

The only good thing here is the suggestion that Laws need to be changed, but I promise you oh Dim Press of San Angelo, there is no way to change the law to criminalize sexual conduct between parties of consenting ages. So far no evidence yet has been advanced of any criminal sexual activity between a minor and a person too old to have relations with that minor.

"The goal should be to protect the children - and that is what the state was and is still trying to do."

From WHAT? The possibility of harm? That is impossible! You suggest that the CPS can camp out in everyone's home to "protect the children." No reason, but it might be that someday you would HARM your children so CPS should camp out in every home in an attempt to prevent harm to the children.

Hello San Angelo! The CPS does not have a mandate to simply PROTECT THE CHILDREN. They must protect them FROM something.

One other thing. I've notice an increasing number of articles about the FLDS situation in Texas that no longer use FLDS, but instead give the full name or reference instead YFZ which I imagine may soon change to Yearning for Zion. Sometimes it's CPS and I imagine that it too may change to Child Protective Services. I can only speculate one reason for this. It is to make the articles LESS SEARCHABLE. I now scan for articles like this one with terms like YFZ and CPS as well as FLDS.

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Anonymous said...

The San Angelo paper is making it a habit to publish pro-CPS opinion pieces. Nice that they have shut off the public's ability to comment.

Hugh McBryde said...

Yeah, and say "the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints" instead of FLDS. I've seen articles recently, like I said, that have taken care not to put those initials in the article, there have even been whole articles that say nothing even in the form of "Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints." The articles are predictably not slanted in FLDS favor.