Friday, June 06, 2008

Rozita's court date moved to July 9th

(The Salt Lake Tribune) Texas WILL get their chance to issue indictments before we know what Rozita knows. Provided of course the LAZY press doesn't get off it's duff and INVESTIGATE the story.

If I could make the connection with Google between her publisher and her foster mother (namely they are one in the same) then THEY could have, but they, like her publisher/foster mother are willing to let her HIDE.


The FLDS Kids need relief from their terrified belief they will be carted off AGAIN, and believe me, that is PRECISELY what Texas is still planning to do.

What IS it exactly? We know she LIES about EVERYTHING. She could in fact be lying about multiple personality disorder. NOTHING she says is true unless you verify it. Is it because she is pathetic, female, and BLACK? Does that make her UNTOUCHABLE? From one perspective she attempted to kill over 500 people. She is now a MASS CHILD ABUSER. The kids that are now CONFINED to YFZ by CPS order are TERRIFIED and want to leave, they can't SLEEP. They're not HEALING, they're being TORTURED and no one asks questions about this criminal?

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kbp said...

Thanks Hugh

If it will make you feel any better, every case I have followed that had expensive counsel representing them, also had PI's and most of the story uncovered before we, in the public, got any of it.

Hugh McBryde said...

So, David W. Foley constitutes "Expensive Legal Counsel?" If so, where is low level insurance company employee, apartment dwelling Rozita Swinton getting "Expensive Legal Counsel?"

kbp said...

By "expensive counsel", I meant Goldstein... for the FLDS.

Goldstein's filing reflected a piece or two of what he already knows.

It is wise to advise them, but more often than not, they already have more than we'll ever see.

Not meant to discourage or slow you any, and it is not 100% certain that is the case here.

Hugh McBryde said...

At this point I'm content to know that I've made the connections to Rozita's past. If Goldstein knew, or did not know of those connections, we know he knows now.

It's significant that her foster mother is also an author AND publisher trying to profit off her past association with Rozita.