Friday, June 20, 2008

Official Rumor About Rozita (not MINE)

This cryptic little remark appeared over at Vox. Hat tip "Toes." The poster goes by "Carolus."

"The FDLS charade was to expand state power to seize children at whim. If the state can seize children on the basis of a fraudulent anonymous phone call, it can seize them for any reason whatsoever. The FDLS was listed by the SPLC as a 'hate group' and the anonymous tipster (who still hasn't been charged with a crime, BTW) was an Obama delegate and SPLC operative."

Whoa. Rozita Swinton is a SPLC operative? I'm going to need some CONFIRMATION of that but that would be interesting. Someone who can find out, should find out.

UPDATE: All I can find so far is the thin connections of mutual interest. Mary Catharine Nelson is in the William Sloan Coffin/Peggy Ann Way/Southern Poverty Law Center continuum but it is hard to say there is a connection there. Certainly the people they "Hang" with were SPLC types who have labeled the FLDS a "Hate Group." I even understand their reasoning.

This is certainly a stronger connection than that of Barbara Walthers attending the church of the same Denomination as Mary Catharine Nelson pastors for in Nashville, but it's still very thin.

All we really know is that liberals both theological and political don't tend to like groups like the FLDS and Mary Catharine Nelson certainly had occasion to be acquainted with and favorably disposed towards SPLC views. That doesn't mean she wound up Rozita and sent her on a mission.

So far all I've been able to document is the use of teaching materials in certain venues that originate from the SPLC and also from Dr. Peggy Ann Way, who is apparently a friend and mentor of Rev. Mary Catharine Nelson, Rozita's foster mother.

I'll dig some more.

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