Sunday, June 08, 2008

Why the MSM is still staying out of the FLDS Fiasco

There is Bill O'Reilly (and those like him) and their "sex bed" comments and unbridled mouths that has put them in the position of having to eat too much crow, but then there is the rest of the MSM Establishment. I now include my old conservative "mentor" at the EIB institute, Rush Limbaugh as MSM Establishment . I cannot tell you how disappointed I am in him over this business. He's been a coward.


It's very simple. The creep of cultural values has led us to believe that 15 year old girls, are "children." Never mind that I was told by nearly every girl in grade school that she was "more mature." Never mind that biologically girls do mature faster than boys, we've accepted that they are "children." The rest of the world outside western culture does not, but we have. That is a rather recent development as well. William Petty is quoted as saying during the 1600's that "Irish women marry upon their first capacity." (Ireland: A New Economic History, 1780-1939 By Cormac Ó Gráda).

In Korea, it is stated that "in older times, most brides were teenage girls" though the age has now risen to mid twenties. In this century, among the Yoruba of Nigeria it is observed;

"Marriage age is most closely related to education in the case of women. Olusanya found that girls in Ibadan with no education had an average marriage age of 18, compared with 23 for secondary-school leavers and 25 for university graduates (1967). Many children enter school relatively late and have their schooling interrupted by their parents' financial problems. Some are over 20 by the time they leave secondary school. Generally, the higher the level of education, the more likely the couple are to come from different towns or different Yoruba subgroups."

It is generally desired by most quoting such statistics that "smart" or "advanced" or "educated" people don't marry young because they are smarter more advanced and educated, neglecting the fact that education takes time and postpones marriage.

If it is a choice between morality and education though, I choose morality. That is the highest form of education. I conclude that western civilization with it's emphasis on education and women's rights has in fact produced a whoring society that cannot wait just as those of us in times past could not. But in times past, it wasn't a sin, it was acceptable. Now it is pedophilia.

Since this creep of cultural values has now taken firm root, pedophilia has now encompassed a formerly normal inclination that is turned criminal. Pedophilia has gone from having sex with prepubescent children to include fully developed young girls whose status as women in times past was determined by marriage and sexual experience, but is now determined by age. That age being set by our educational mores and laws commanding all young people to stay in school to a certain age.

Since that expanded definition of pedophilia is now determined to be by whatever law a state passes, we have a situation where in 2005 you could have sex with a 14 year old in Texas on a given Friday in August, and on the next Friday night in September, you were liable for life imprisonment and the branding of "pervert" and "pedophile." The stench of pedophilia is so powerful that none of our MSM friends or enemies are willing to stand by the FLDS for fear that after all the DNA evidence comes in, there will be found one pedophile by legal standards.

So they stay away. Never mind that even if this one instance is discovered, the incidence of such pedophilia as legally defined is much greater outside YFZ. One pedophile is enough to drive away all interest on the Right and Left in protecting the rights of our citizenry. In fact, one pedophile discovered by breaking down every door of every church in a suburb and imprisoning all children until they were found would justify it. In fact just the RUMOR that there was a pedophile would justify the destruction of all rights of every person until every semen stain was examined and everyone's DNA tested. It wouldn't matter that we discover a pedophile we had not known about before hand, the safety of the children would be so transcendent that the gross violation of everyone's rights would be justified.

Texas is thus allowed to keep investigating even though they investigate nothing. To investigate something, they would have had to have the suspicion of a certain crime, which even now they do not have. But they believe and so does all the MSM establishment that ultimately, if they keep investigating everyone that such a "predator" will be found. They're sure of it. If they then support the clear rights of those being wrongfully investigated now, they will be shown to be the supporter of pedophiles later. And that they fear, will be the end for them.

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Bruce in Montana said...

I would agree with the secular view that an MTV-watching, cell phone totin, iPod carrying, 14 year old mall rat that dresses like a prostitute and aspires (or is) sexually active should not be considered mature enough to be entering in a marriage relationship or having kids.
However, what the law doesn't allow for is that there ARE 14 year old young ladies who have been taught the value of work, that motherhood is an honor and a privilege, how to take care of a home environment, and how to make mature decisions. Age is a poor indicator of maturity in post-pubescent men or women IMHO.

Hugh McBryde said...

Personally, my daughter COULD have married at 16-17. She was at least ready mentally and physically at that point but there wasn't a man for her then so she's not married now and she's 21. Finding a man is a tough thing.

I have two things to add. One is that we train up our children to have an extended childhood. This is not necessary. Many more young boys and girls could be men and women much earlier, if we taught them how to be.

The other thing is, both boys and girls mature at different rates that one another. You could easily have a girl not ready when she was 17 and her sister be ready at 14. I think we've turned ourselves in to industrial age prudes in denial when it comes to age of marriage and readiness for it.