Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hitting a nerve?

Every day. I mean EVERY day I get a "viewer" from Colorado Springs, Colorado. This is their browser/OS signature:

Browser: Internet Explorer 7.0
OS: win|nt6.0
Resolution: 1280 x 800 x 32

It goes from as early as 6:30 in the morning (I have not yet noticed the signature at 3:00 am but I could miss it because of being asleep) and sometimes I have several visits in the late evening.

It could be, I suppose, a news outlet just checking up. A while back though, I did get comments from someone who used "Black Woman" (capitalized) in their rant against me. As near as I can figure the comment came from Colorado Springs and that particular computer's signature.

I doubt it's Rozita's lawyer since I'm sure he goes home at night, so it is almost certainly her, or a friend of hers.

Though nothing is certain when someone says "Black Woman", it's an identity thing as in "I personally am proud of being both." That narrows things even more, suggesting that if this is NOT Rozita it is a very close friend but the odds of course go way up that it is Rozita.

Whoever you are, you're free to comment if you have not already. You just may not do so anonymously as I have cut that ability off. You could always Email me, though I'd probably publish it. You could talk Mary Cate into letting you use one of her email accounts. You could use Westview's AOL account. That, I think, doesn't leave a IP trace on it that goes back to a local domain.

I figure you're just dying to say something. Let's here it.

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