Sunday, June 29, 2008

Natalie Malonis answers YOUR questions? Hurry On Over to Brooke Adams BLOG right NOW.

No kidding. A commenter by the name "Malonis" is answering questions and defending themselves over at Brooke Adams blog "The Plural Life." If it's REALLY her, it doesn't GET any better than this.

UPDATE: If the poster is to be believed, and the words are that of Natalie Malonis, I say THIS to Natalie;

"Horse Manure Malonis. A 'reasonable man' would construe it to be about Teresa Jeffs. If you are who you seem to be, you have invited the world up the skirt of your minor client.

I don't know if YOU dropped trow before 16, but perhaps your client has not, and it is NONE of our business frankly, if she has.

Your concern for her honor and privacy as her attorney should be foremost. Clearly you care about other aspects of the case in front of the concerns of your client.

Hypothetical MY HINEY Malonis. We all know who you are talking about."

To which she says;

"The hypothetical is not about Teresa. The hypothetical does not match Teresa's circumstances."

Well GREAT, I'm glad we can all clear that up now. ODD, Teresa Jeffs thought you were talking about HER. I thought you were talking about her. If you're not talking about her WHO ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, and better yet, WHY ARE YOU EVEN TALKING?

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Anonymous said...

Is there someone else in the shadows that these hypotheticals describe? As long as we're playing "What if".

What if that woman is not a minor now, but say, 18 or 19 or even 20 with several children?

What if she married at 14 or 15under any circumstances, not considering them to be coercive at the time, but now wants to leave, for whatever reason. Maybe looking back on it, she feels she was coerced. She wants to get out, but won't leave her kids behind, has no place to go, and doesn't want to be shunned or viewed as a traitor.

What if they subpoena several women to the grand jury, they are each in there for about 40 minutes.

And what if while everyone is noisily clanging garbage can lids together over Teresa and Malonis, this woman has quietly appeared before the grand jury, not pled the Fifth, and given testimony. And nobody on the outside is the wiser. And she has time on her side, in preparing for life off the ranch.

(I can see you dialing the clock back, if before Sept 1, 2005 when the new Texas marriage laws took effect, etc. But the timeline wouldn't matter, as long as it took place in the state of Texas, IF he was ALREADY married or "purported" to be married to someone else. )

So that's my What If for today.

Pligchild said...

The "hypothetical" is none other than Stolen Intelligence, Mrs. Lamont Barlow.

Milonis is going off of a fictional book to assume what she WANTS to be true about the girls and the FLDS church.

There are no women who are shunned by the FLDS, but there are some who left and are definately traitors.

Traitors are those who leave and then will do anything, including lie about their own experiences, to persectute their loved ones and even endorse stealing their children, if they don't leave too.

Malonis is looking for another Elissa Wall like the one written in her book. She couldn't find one if she had Elissa's hand. They don't exist until they leave and start "remembering".