Saturday, June 28, 2008

Marci Hamilton thinks Texas RIGHT to take kids, STILL.

A portrait of an elitist, as a Law Professor. I know, that's not terribly hard to believe, what is terribly hard to believe is someone could be so hard headed, so CLOSED MINDED. There have now been TWO Grand Jury sessions. DNA tests on every mother and child. The raiding of EVERY sock drawer at YFZ and still, no arrests, no indictments, no warrants, no crimes discovered.

Marci Hamilton, like the Texas CPS, has drunk their own Kool-Aid. They believe their own hubris.

The Salt Lake Tribune - PHILADELPHIA - "By sending the children in the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints back home, Texas has opened the doors to groups who want religious protection for abusing children, a leading church and state scholar said Saturday."

She says this in the context of the above remarks I have just made. The door apparently is open to abuse from her point of view, but something has restrained the members of YFZ from ENGAGING in abuse, and what distresses Professor Hamilton is that it isn't a busybody state with laws crafted by her sensibilities. It is a "Polygamist Cult." As we all know Polygamy is abusive by it's very construction, the FLDS a noxious cult, so a POLYGAMIST CULT should abuse children, right? Given the freedom to practice their own methods which Marci despises, the FLDS produce no busybody Law Professors, but they turn out great mothers and happy children who grow up in a stable environment.

"When you add yesterday's decision to FLDS, the state of the Texas has just sent out an engraved invitation to any group who wants to abuse children," Hamilton said. The two decisions make "Texas a very dangerous place for children."

Phenomenally, she ignores the CPS record DURING the raid that took the children. Interrogations, sleep deprivation, withholding medications, terrorizing children, dehydrating children, LOSING children. She ignores this effect, and relies instead on the intent and purpose of the agency she favors instead of Religious Cult Polygamists, who are later shown to be doing a great job. Since it is her intent to do BETTER than these people, she has to take the kids, because her intent means she WILL do better.

The differences between liberals and conservatives are many, but boil down in a lot of cases to managing by result or managing by lofty goals. Liberals have noble goals and refuse to see that perhaps most conservatives do as well. A conservative though is willing to scientifcally test methods against one another by the result. We want happy healthy kids. How do we get the LARGEST number of them? The liberal says "Oh my, there are some abused kids, how do I eliminate abuse completely?" Superficially the liberal seems more moral, until you put plans into action and the repressive cultic polygamist religious group spits out more healthy happy kids than does the liberal state run foster care system or than society at large.

"At the Philadelphia conference Saturday, Hamilton said placing the children into state custody 'put them in really terrible straits.'

'They had to eat pizza. They had to learn to ride bicycles,' Hamilton said. 'They had to live in a universe where abuse is not normal. They saw a window of information they would have otherwise not gotten.'"

As the Pharisee has pointed out before, when you have weak arguments, string them together and deliver them machine gun style. While you are formulating your retort, ratatatatat come the other unfounded arguments. The power of the podium and their sheer number distract from the flim flamery.

By the way, has ANYONE seen a fat YFZ child? I've seen a few adults packing a little extra weight, but by and large the kids are fit, healthy and the women slender and attractive. Maybe that's why they looked so "young."

They don't have bicycles? I don't know what she bases that on, but it wouldn't be the end of the world, THEY CAN CLEARLY CLIMB TREES.

And the "Window of Information" Marci. What would that be? No one can experience everything, not even in the small world of YFZ. Is it that they don't see what YOU want them to see? Their choices are not VD, ABORTION, FAST FOOD, PORNOGRAPHY, BICYCLES and PROMISCUITY? God forbid that we should construct an environment that sheilds people from such things, because after all, it's their right to choose, right? I mean if we're going to take away fast food, it has to be the governing elite that says it's time, not PARENTS.

I would agree that ultimately it is a child's right to choose, and that in fact, at some point, they do choose and you can never stop that. The child grows up. But if what we are saying is that few FLDS members become Budhists or Topless Dancers or Astronauts, I'm sorry, that's not the end of the world. When it comes to opening one door or window, a child is distracted by what's available behind that door or out that window and fails to see what was through another door or window. Every such opportunity minimizes other opportunities. The idea that we make free choices based on a muliplicity of different views is silly. There is always something forgotten. What Marci WANTS is to be the person that determines the content and menu of choices, she doesn't want parents to do that, or religious leaders.

"FLDS elder and spokesman Willie Jessop blasted discussion of the group at the conference focused on cults. He said it's stereotyping."

You tell 'em Willie.

Let's face it. It's a struggle for control of who gets to call the shots when it comes to our children. This is viewed as a key battle in that war, by both sides. By the Marci Hamiltons of this world who see it as a slap to their claim to decide, and by the parents of this world, who see it is their right, not that of the state.

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Disciple said...

"When an opponent declares, 'I will not come over to your side.' I calmly say, 'Your child belongs to us already… What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community.'" Adolf Hitler

This is the strategy in the war which is being waged - get the children and indoctrinate them. Get the children and make them yours.

That is why those behind the atrocity of the raid on the YZF community wanted the children. They were supposed to be "deprogrammed" i.e. indoctrinated into the dominant religion of the West.

The quote from Hitler is also used in the following article:

"Hitler Said It Best"

I found the article to be well worth reading.