Saturday, June 14, 2008

"Getting" Warren Jeffs

At this point I'm starting to wonder if everything I've heard about Al Capone was true. No one was able to "get" Big Al until income tax came along, then they got him on tax evasion. The Salt Lake Tribune.

"As Texas officials sort evidence that could lead to new criminal charges against polygamous sect leader Warren S. Jeffs, charges against him in another state are shrinking.

Just two of five cases originally brought against the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints leader in Arizona are still in play, and a significant portion of those two cases have been dismissed.

Now, a judge has set a July 11 hearing on whether the remaining charges, based on Jeffs' alleged role conducting marriages for underage girls, came out of a tainted grand jury proceeding."

Warren was "gotten" on a rather creative "aiding and abetting rape" charge and now he is handed around like a gang rape victim himself, being passed from one abusive state to another with the apparent object of never letting him go.

I get the impression this is a commentary not only on the strength of the charges that each state brings up against Warren but also a commentary on the strength of the charges of which he has been convicted. I have believed for some time that the whole purpose of this pass around Warren tactic is both not accidental and in not being accidental, has a purpose, namely, to keep Warren in jail. It also seems to have served the purpose of attacking the flock while the shepherd was otherwise occupied.

This would seem to suggest that the Attorney's General Four have been discussing "getting" Warren for a while as well and that the purpose of all these meetings is to plan the next "gotcha" strategy.

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Anonymous said...

The big difference is that the income tax laws were not created in order to "get" Al Capone.

It is my understanding that the rape/sexual offense laws in Utah were changed (I think, under the urging of Mark Shurtleff) in order to facilitate charging FLDS leaders with a crime, and that there was no specific law regarding "aiding and abetting" prior to that time. I could be wrong there, I haven't specifically researched it, but that is my impression from what I have read.

Maybe I need to totally revisit the Warren Jeffs case.

Anonymous said...

And then again, if the income tax laws WERE specifically created to "get" Al Capone, we could have them ruled unconstitutional and demand a full refund of all we have paid in plus interest . . . . ! :0

Hugh McBryde said...

It's significant that Allen Steed, the alleged actual Rapist testified at the Warren Jeffs trial on Warren's behalf, but has yet to be tried. I continue to wonder how it is you try someone for a crime they are allegedly helping to commit but don't bother to try the guy who supposedly committed it.

The charge of rape against Allen is rather shaky and even Elissa Wall, his supposed victim, wants it dropped.

Hugh McBryde said...

Actually, I'm not so sure Elissa Wall wants the charge dropped.

Anonymous said...

I believe she has mixed feelings on whether to drop the charge. She likely doesn't want Allen in jail, but Shurtleff and her other puppet masters realize that if he isn't charged, then the ridiculous "accomplice" charge must, and should be reversed. When people like this conspire and dig a pit, they have to fill it quick or else they will no doubt fall in it themselves.

It reminds me of what some "presidents and princes" tried to do to Daniel in the Bible. It's the ol' "hey let's manufacture a criminal by changing and twisting laws" trick again. Yes, it appeared to work. He WAS put into the lion's den. But read chapter 6 to see how it turned out in the end.


Disciple said...

I thought this kind of "justice" was typical of banana republics.

Whatever happened to that country which so proudly proclaimed that it was a country of "liberty and justice for all"?

cheese said...


Actually there are no "income tax laws"

Anonymous said...

lol, cheese, a whole other topic.

Pligchild said...