Friday, June 20, 2008

Another look at the Gloucester Amazons.

That's what Vox Day calls them, only I disagree with his conclusion that none of these girls are growing up to be Rocket Scientists. It may be that they are already Social Scientists. I've quoted excerpts of the article to give an idea of what's going on.

The New York Times - BOSTON - "At least 17 girls at the public high school in the seaside town of Gloucester, Mass., are expecting babies, and a Time magazine report says nearly half became pregnant after making a pact to do so and raise the children together...

...Joseph Sullivan, the principal of the school, Gloucester High, could not be reached for comment. But Time quoted him as saying that of the pregnant students, almost half, none older than 16, had engaged in the pact...

...(Mayor Carolyn) Kirk, a member of the school committee, also said that some of those who impregnated the students were men in their mid-20s...

...(The girls) "think that a baby can give them love or give them status or fill an empty space in their life, and these girls are very, very young. And I think if you talk to any teenage mother who is caring for an infant, the road is not easy.'"

Meanwhile, in addition to the 17 girls known to be pregnant, others continue to arrive at the clinic asking for pregnancy tests."

These girls have bare minimum two years to go before becoming adults. They plan to "band together" to raise the children. Essentially we have the structure of a Polygyny, without the man, complete with underage brides.

They picked as "sperm donors" men who are employable it would seem, from whom they can later get child support. I wouldn't be surprised to discover a lot of the men were married already or in a "relationship." They probably don't plan on putting them in jail and the publicity might mess up their plans a bit, but even if the men do wind up convicted, the only thing the men are good for anyway, is a check. The men go to jail, they get on probation, they're "sex offenders" and probably won't get visitation rights, but could very well be counted on to fork over the money.

Look at the possible strategy. They pool their resources, gain child support, grab whatever state assistance might come to single moms and live communally. They provide their own "day care" and they can go to college, get degrees, graduate and decide what to do next. It might be to "bust out" of the commune and get married after getting a career, it could be a whole number of things. They may strategically squirt out kids based on an income plan for the next ten years. They could add girls to their pact. I wonder if they'll get convicted of "rape by proxy" for that.

If they HAVEN'T thought of that as a strategy, they probably will. Either that or even if this story turns out to be exaggerated or false, someone else will get the bright idea and try it. After all, I thought of it. Someone else would as well.

I've approached this idea before as part of a marriage contract discussion. People using laws and social custom to pillage the assetts of others. Part of the reason for marriage contracts is to protect assetts of families against such predatory tactices.

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