Monday, June 23, 2008

Upgrade! Now I Get It.

I'm an idiot blogger when it comes to the Tech stuff. I kept wondering why this wasn't easier. I had an old template that Blogger kept asking me to upgrade. I'd try, it would take me to "Template selection" and I'd look and, well, I had the one I wanted so I'd save it and continue.

Nothing new.

This has been going on for MONTHS and I couldn't figure it out.

Recently I visited "Sphere" and it had a widget to install to give out site feeds and it warned that if I didn't have the NEW Blogger, it wouldn't work. I says to me, "SELF, you've upgraded your template about five times that you can remember, so you should be able to do this." Me and myself couldn't do it. So I got suspcious that perhaps I had not upgraded my template after all.

So I plunged back into the cyber forest again tonight, closed my eyes, and selected that same template I was using and SAVED IT........

Shazzam. This time it worked because I actually saved the template that LOOKED like mine but was an update of the one I used to use. Now I'm a NEW blogger and playing with the format is in fact infinitely easier.

In the process I lost my paypal button but no one left money in the tip jar anyway so I'll figure out how to get it back. I also lost my blogflux feed and a few other things. I'll bumble my way through putting them back in and it's off to the races, in the blogger format of the Future.

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Anonymous said...

aargh. and right when i had the debit card out, too. muahhaahaaa

maybe have another chat with that plastic surgeon re the beak job.

(you in witness protection now?)

Hugh said...

Phixed it, but the nose stays. As long as Texas is looking for me, I'm not worried.

kbp said...



Hugh said...

But I LIKE playing with the buttons...

Word to the wise, never let me near the "football."