Monday, June 23, 2008

The Third Pregnant Girl?

Is apparently Teresa Jeffs. Don't get me wrong, she isn't pregnant. She hasn't been. She is the last great lie it would seem of the CPS and she's about to be exposed as being chaste, virginal and not a victim of abuse.

So another theory has to be advanced if she is not a smokescreen or if that is only one of the purposes that Barbara Athaliah Jezebel Walthers has by using her in this way. One of her purposes may be CONCEALMENT. By using Grand Jury proceedings Jezebel Walthers can possibly enjoin her from speaking. At some point after the serving of the subpeona and the beginning of testimony Teresa may legally have to shut up. In which case she has about 48 hours to say her say or she won't be able to until the Grand Jury's work is over. Either that, or she already is in contempt.

Concealment also involves pixelating Teresa's face and not publishing Teresa's name though this virtuous maiden wishes now to shout from every rooftop and every street corner that her reputation is wrongly sullied, and her virtue intact. Texas by method of this concealment, preserves the ability to lead the press willingly around by the nose pretending there is a 3rd pregnant underage teen when there is only a 16 year old that has never known a man.

A number of people have approached me and asked what I'm going on about with the 3rd girl and told me it is Teresa. I have rejected up until this point that claim based on an article I read, but now cannot find in which it was said the "girl" in question was going to give birth this month. I cannot find that article. I thought I had linked to it. If it exists anywhere else but my aging geriatric mind, someone who knows please direct me to it. I can't find it any longer. If the third girl is Teresa, the state has a lot of explaining to do. They have essentially abused a virtuous young girl for the purposes of hiding the fact that they never had a cause for the second warrant, which is based on "seeing" a pregnant underage girls.

If this is the case, Texas now stands as not only an abuser, but a hostage taker and it's agents have obstructed justice. Those obstructing justice would be primarily Barbara Walthers and one of her prominent henchpersons would be Ms. Malonis, the attorney ad litem for Teresa Jeffs. I suggest they both be arrested.

If you want to read Teresa's letters yourself, they are published at "Free the FLDS Children."

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1 comment:

Xorphshire said...

Very insightful! Very likely too. What better way to keep her quiet about the abuse she's suffered from Texas' so-called "officials."

Unfortunately it'll also be used to get revenge on her for failing all those medical exams.

P.S. Nice job over there in Coram Non Judice.