Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kurt Shultzke gets his say in the San Angelo Standard Times.

"I Perceive's" Kurt S. Schultzke Esq. gets his day to hold court in San Angelo. Here's a sample of his column in the San Angelo Standard-Times;

"The venomous vacuity of Holland's article is astonishing. She reprises so much empty propaganda with such faux indignation - 'brainwashing, conspiracy, child abuse, statutory rape, fraud and adultery' - it's hard to know where to begin a response."


"Yet, CPS investigator Angie Voss and Schleicher County Sheriff David Doran have both been quoted - even after the Supreme Court condemned their actions - as saying they still believe they did the right thing in removing the children. In fact, they violated the laws of Texas while trampling underfoot highly valued relationships between parents and children. (No, I am not referring to alleged spiritual marriages.) This was a breakdown in the rule of law. Due process - that which most differentiates the United States from Mexico, Cuba, China and Russia - will be a casualty if Texans fail to demand accountability from those involved in this atrocity."

Read it ALL.

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