Sunday, June 29, 2008

Natalie Malonis claims all her public stories about Teresa, are not about Teresa.

Natalie Malonis, who is apparently the poster at Brooke Adams blog has now said her stories to Brooke in answer to her questions are "hypothetical." I rather expected this. She's trying to use a claim of speculation for insulation against telling the contents of her privileged communications with her client. It goes like this, "I only told a story, the story is like yours, the story is not yours."

If she makes it sufficiently wrong, or unlike Teresa's story, she can then go on to claim she's broken no confidence. But then, why is she telling the story? Her star client is Teresa Jeffs. Teresa Jeffs is sure the story is about her, and Teresa Jeffs doesn't appreciate the story being told. The other factor that makes the story to be a substantial representation of Teresa by her attorney is the fact that Natalie has said that if Teresa KEEPS talking about their communications, she (Natalie) will be forced to testify by Barbara Walthers since Teresa will have broken the attorney client privilege herself.

So Natalie is LYING. Pure and simple. About what we cannot be sure but she's lying. I have posted the following to Natalie (assuming it IS her) at the Plural life.

"Actually Malonis, that's a 'NON DENIAL' denial. You said the 'hypothetical is not about Teresa' that the 'hypothetical does not match her circumstances.'

This only means you've woven a speculation or two about your client into the narrative that you know doesn't match her circumstance, thus making the hypothetical, in totality, NOT about Teresa.

Teresa though has written PUBLIC letters to you asking you to SHUT UP. This means you are identifying major portions of the story as matching up to her. Teresa's problem is that she does not agree with that narrative and is in fact calling you a liar.

Yet you CANNOT shut up about it. Why? Why would you go spin yarns in front of the public that match in large part, or seemingly large part, the life story of your client? Why would you wish the PUBLIC to believe that certain aspects of that story are Teresa's story?

How about THIS counselor? You tell us what parts DON'T match. That will go a long way to solving Teresa's problem."

By the way, I went back and counted, in the HYPOTHETICAL that us MORONS are supposed to know is NOT about Teresa, Natalie Malonis uses Teresa's name FIVE TIMES and her mother's name once.

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