Friday, June 27, 2008

Malonis threatens to blab? Texas levers Teresa Jeffs

Most of us know of course that Natalie Malonis refuses to step aside as Teresa Jeffs attorney. This may move may let Barbara Walthers see privileged Attorney-Client communications. I'll let Natalie explain;

The Deseret News - "Malonis said it was her obligation to refuse to testify.

'The client has to be able to communicate with an attorney and know that those communications are kept confidential,' she said.

She did worry that by making her e-mails public, Jeffs may be waiving attorney-client privilege.

'That's what I'm afraid of,' she said. 'If that keeps happening, at some point the judge will compel me to testify.'"

Natalie thus says to Teresa; "Shut UP, or I'll testify" and perpetuates the situation where Natalie operates in collusion with the State to make it appear that Teresa is "seeking" state protection when she is not.

If Teresa fights Natalie, eventually she will testify and probably what she will testify to is that Teresa is "spiritually married" to someone, probably Raymond Jessop. This line may have in fact already been crossed in Barbara Walters mind and Barbara was just waiting for more evidence to bolster her case that Teresa is talking, thus so can Natalie. Part of what happened in the Grand Jury proceeding seems to have been the effort to document Teresa Jeffs supposed "spiritual marriage" to Raymond. This would then become the salacious detail that would be trumpeted in the press, probably along with the now infamous "kissing" pictures of Warren. The headline would be "Convicted Cult Leader/Rapist Jeffs forces sex on his own daughter with Older Man." They could then propose he is an accomplice to the rape of his own daughter.

Texas has been pretty good at the "rock and hard place" strategy. Sign this service plan or don't see your children. Get on this bus or don't see your children. Go to this battered woman's shelter or don't see your children. I propose they are manuevering now for at least two other rock and hard place choices. That being "testify or go to jail" to the FLDS women who took the 5th Wednesday and then the consequence is not just jail but probably removal of their children while they are there. The other is to Teresa Jeffs which is "serve as our poster child for abused girl needing state protection" OR "Help us build the case that your father is an accomplice to your own rape."

I don't think Teresa has lost her virtue. It's entirely possible that she is "Spiritually Married" to Raymond Jessop. If the former is true, the latter is hardly anyone's business. Anyone can probably get "enagaged" at 50 to a girl of 12 as long as they wait 6 years to touch their prospective bride. As long as Teresa is a virgin, which it would appear from certain statements that she is, there is no basis for presuming she has been molested by the state's definition. Documenting however that she WAS "spiritually married" would start the public distress and hand wringing of the CPS and the restart of their "child abuse" strategy that would almost require a live "on air" gynecological exam with expert commentary. That would be the only way Teresa could prove Texas wrong.

One of the reasons I air these speculations is to prevent their uses as strategies. Texas in the person of Barbara Walthers has been very good at forcing choices, manuevering pieces on the playing board so as to give FLDS members two choices that serve the state, one good, the other better from the perspective of Texas. If the FLDS know what might be coming and if we do, they might avoid it.

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georgewiley said...

Teresa will be a "child" and subject to CPS and to Attorney Malonis only until Teresa's 17th birthday. Do you know when that will be?

Hugh said...

It is rumored to be July or August. If involved sexually with an over age partner when underage, she is not liable. If married bigamously, she would be in theory.

kbp said...

I know 17 YO is the age of consent, but I had assumed all children could be subject to the CPS until they turn 18 YO.