Monday, June 09, 2008

Strategies for the Legalization of Polygamy

In many ways small sects have a pretty good idea. Go to a big wide open State, in terms of area. Go somewhere remote. Set up camp. Leave people alone.

All well and good, but the people of Eldorado and Texas just couldn't stand the idea that they weren't allowed to peek through FLDS keyholes and see what was going on in there. What they DID think was going on would be amusing if it wasn't tragic. The FLDS in practice it turned out, are more moral than we are. That's probably making their detractors even more angry than the were before.

So a modification of the strategy is necessary for Polygynists. Go somewhere big, with wide open remote spaces, but with a relatively small population, set up camp, affect political change. The states ideal for this in order would be Wyoming, North Dakota, Alaska, South Dakota and Montana. All have under a million persons in terms of population. There was a huge ranch up for sale a while back in the smack dab middle of Montana. I assure you it was cheap. The county had less than 500 persons and it stretched over the border of yet another county. I believe the size was larger than that of YFZ. A lot of registered voters in that county would effectively control local government.

The purpose of doing this is to affect political change. Elect state legislators, control local offices, attempt to write laws compatible with a Polygynist's outlook. In Wyoming for instance, if you could register 10,000 voters you'd have a significant impact on the outcome of elections. There are legal ways to do this such as buying "RV" plots, which would be small sections of real estate where you could hook up a RV, and use that address as your PERMANENT address, the one where you claim legal residence in the United States. You could in fact continue to live where you live, do what you do and so on. It would be necessary to "vacation" in that spot for about two weeks or so a year to establish residency. That would kinda take Alaska off the list and move Wyoming way up it. South and North Dakota too.

You could even go so far as to run candidates for office that agreed with you politically on all issues. There could be Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and Greens that shared only one thing in common. The desire to legalize Polygamy. Such a strategy could significantly impact state politics and perhaps dominate several local elections. You could start a Presbyterian church in that locale, a Baptist one, FLDS if you wished and have the agreement among them that they co-exist locally for the purposes of political action.

Then you force the issue. Shoot for legalized Polygamy, marriage contracts and so on. Then there would be a venue, if you were successful, for conducting marriages legally. Once legally married somewhere, it would be much harder to prosecute Polygynists anywhere. The real reason the FLDS was attacked in Texas is the suspicion that underage girls were having sex, not that underage girls were married. In the eyes of the law, they were NOT married. Texas DOES marry 14 and 15 year olds, even today so Texas is hypocritical when they say girls at a particular age are unready for sex or that they are molested when they have it. Texas just has the puerile nosiness to want to have official notification that a 14 year old girl is having sex. Really and truly, they want to see a young thing walking down the street and go "heh heh, you KNOW what SHES doing." It's as simple as that.

With an official marriage document in hand, in theory, any man of any age could be legally married to any number of 14, 15, 16 or 40 year old women, all at the same time. Then when a raid occurred at some place like YFZ, they could say "Get the heck out, WE'RE MARRIED, you MORON." Texas doesn't care if 14 year old girls are having sex in Texas. Texas and other states just want to be able to tell you WHO can have sex with 14 year old girls, and they want to listen at the keyhole. Now there, is your REAL pervert.

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