Thursday, May 08, 2008

FLDS Child Custody Judges Appointed.

From GoSanAngelo;

In addition to 51st District Judge Barbara Walther, who has presided over the case, the following judges will preside over the hearings, court officials said this morning:

  • 119th District Judge Ben Woodward
  • 340th District Judge Jay Weatherby
  • 391st Dustrict Judge Tom Gossett
  • Retired Judge Marilyn Aboussie,former chief justice of the state's 3rd Court of Appeals.
This is a logistical move.

"The status hearings, required by law to be held before June 5 - the 60th day after 464 children were removed from the YFZ Ranch northeast of Eldorado - are usually perfunctory, little more than the state's Child Protective Services agency presenting a proposed plan the parents of removed children would be required to follow to win their children back and any objections from the parents' attorneys."

CPS has to do this by law. Unless some good legal help for the FLDS can find some way to gum this stage up, it will just be an exhibition of state power.

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