Thursday, May 08, 2008

FLDS Women are Brainwashed, Inbred, Cowed?

In an Austin American-Statesman article entitled "Polygamist sect work takes toll on social workers", Terry Secrest is quoted as saying;

"'It was wrenching to pull children away from their mothers.'

Secrest says she is troubled by what she sees as misconceptions about the FLDS mothers.

They're not brainwashed, she says. They're not zombies. Each woman has her own personality. Some are funny. Some are quiet. All seem strong and independent.

They don't see themselves as victims, Secrest said. They see themselves as women with choices.

'This is the most delightful group of women,' she said. 'You can't put on TV or in the paper how individually funny they are, how kind and generous. They are very, very nice women. I am amazed they have been able to keep their sense of humor the way they have.'"

You mean they are NOT all on Haldol and Thorazine like Flora Jessops would have you believe? They're not duking it out for supremacy in the family unit, a sort of FLDS steel cage match for the favor of the Dominant Male? They have PERSONALITIES and HUMOR and can express themselves?

"The intense work has taken its toll on Secrest. At night, she frets about the heartbroken mothers. She worries about the kids. She fears that their mother-child bond has been damaged."

It's called GUILT. Terry feels guilty for being a part of this.

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