Thursday, May 01, 2008

Why does Texas THINK they will find child abuse?

Because as an accomplisher of it's goals, CPS in general has been an abject FAILURE. From WorldNetDaily, Joseph Farah.

"Is the secular state really better at determining what's best for the children of the YFZ Ranch than are the parents of those children?

According to the experts, 62 percent of girls are sexually abused by the age of 18 – outside the YFZ Ranch.

According to the experts, 31 percent of boys are sexually abused by the age of 18 – outside the YFZ Ranch.

According to the experts, most rape victims are under 12 years old – outside the YFZ Ranch."

Thus the CPS Gestapo (Ok, I'm going to start calling them that) KNOW that if they round up enough children and start looking, they'll find SOMETHING. Well, NORMALLY they would find something. This is vaguely reminiscent of the 2000 Florida Recount. I figure Gore supporters were so adamant about recounting because they thought they knew what they would find. Stuffed ballot boxes are similar to neglected mandates in this case. Similarly the Texas CPS swaggers into a large group and can feel pretty confident they will find something, they figure they already know it's there, regardless of probable cause.

If half the 460 some odd kids are female, that means there should be about 230 x .62 with evidence of abuse. That's 142. They've only rounded up 31 and they haven't told us what their ages are and we know they aren't using scientific method to determine age.

Half that number of boys are sexually abused, so that would be 71.

The Texas CPS Gestapo is NOT finding normal rates of abuse. In fact they are having a hard time documenting abuse. In fact the rates of abuse in society at large show that either they must be given MORE power to invade homes and question children or they simply aren't doing their job. Unfortunately the CPS then in fact ARE the Gestapo, sent in when you are in popular disfavor, so as to find something they have a mandate to oversee that they are fairly certain they will find.

Ask yourselves, could your church survive such scrutiny? Probably not. Thus CPS can be sent in with allegations of Child Abuse ANYWHERE. In a large enough group of people SOME crime will be found. When they don't have to have probable cause they are simply used as a tool of oppression. Gestapo. KGB.

By the way Mr. Farah is not completely up to date yet. For instance, Sheriff Doran has said there was no informant inside the ranch.

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