Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mental Health Workers Lament hits AP.

Nazis! Stalinists! Fascists!  (UPDATE, Vox is on it.)

The Houston Chronicle - "'The entire MH support staff was 'fired' the second week; we were sent home due to being 'too compassionate,' one report stated."

A friend of mine an I noticed this story early in the morning. It's getting worse. Check down in the blog. Genocide. Kudos to the San Antonio Express-News. More quotes;

"That worker was among three who reported that CPS workers lied to the mothers. Several said the mothers were denied access to their lawyers.

One MHMR worker made a claim almost identical to one appearing on an FLDS Web site after the mothers were given a choice to return to the ranch or stay at a battered women's shelter. Most mothers went to the shelter, 'because they were told they would be able to see their children if they did not return to the ranch,' the worker reported.'


'The written statements were given to the Hill Country MHMR board anonymously because the workers had signed agreements not to disclose what they had seen, said board member Jack Dawson.

Dawson, a Comal County commissioner, said the employees had the right to provide information to the board and said his release of copies of the statements to the Express-News didn't violate their confidentiality agreements.

'What they saw was so horrendous, they had to report it to the board,' Dawson said. 'We were taken aback. I have every confidence their stories are accurate. Our people are professionals, with years and years of service in their fields.'"

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