Monday, May 12, 2008

Weekend News Roundup. What did we learn on the Blog this weekend Hugh?

All here on your friendly Modern Pharisee's blog.


Mark Shurtleff, the Utah Attorney General nearly begged polygyny advocates to help decriminalize the practice. Apparently he will co-operate after the election to get it reduced to traffic ticket status.

Texas Mental Health workers confirm early reports that FLDS women were being told to co-operate by going to "abused women shelters" or they would not see their children again. I can only conclude this was to gain traction for the idea that the CPS had that there were abused women. Having women report to shelters for abused women made it look like there was abuse. Also Mental health workers were fired for being too compassionate with FLDS scum. Mental health workers were appalled and horrified.

Texas in it's infinite brilliance is trying to test the idea of illegal polygyny by picking a more unsavory target, the "Yahweh" sect. Apparently they think they can go where Mark Shurtleff fears to tread.  (Update "Religion Clause" noticed this as well.)

Government can tell us if our religion is dangerous, and target it for destruction.

There is a grassroots movement afoot that is in favor of legalizing polygyny. My, um "Friend" "Mary Contrary" tried to abduct an idea she knew was mine from three years ago and call it hers. No Mary, you heard it from ME first.

Texas still can't count, there are now 468 children, and the MSM can't read, as most stories still list another number, 463 and 464 being the most popular choices.

The Main Stream Media, which includes Fox News, CNN and every major network are afraid of the story and hope it goes away. Probably by way of some spectacular crime being uncovered, so that they can ignore "all of the above."

My wife got a great Mother's day gift. Her daughter graduated with "High Honors" from the University of Montana .

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