Sunday, May 04, 2008

Merry Cate Noel

Weird two in the morning musings. Previously the foster mother of our Rozita Swinton has been identified as "Kate Rosemary" which is a "pen name." Kate has written two books, "Raising Shane" and "After Disclosure" which USED to be called "The Feminization of Job" and used to be listed as being by "Merry Cate Noel."

I don't know if this is yet another failed pen name for "Kate Rosemary" or the real name of our mysterious foster parent. Is this her? Merry Noel. Search the page.

UPDATE: Merry Cate Noel = Mary Catharine Nelson. Merry (a homophone for Mary) Cate is short for Catharine, and Nelson contains all the letters of Noel. It's also "cutesy." MERRY NOEL! Mary Catharine Nelson by the way, is Vice President of Published by Westview, the book company that publishes her book.

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