Saturday, May 03, 2008

Why not use the old fashioned caseworker? THAT WOULD BE A MOTHER.

Sure, when you want a better result in parenting, choose an absentee parent. The Salt Lake Tribune.

"This year, CPS paid a $4 million federal fine for not checking on foster children often enough."

Texas is going to solve that by over emphasizing the care of FLDS kids, (so they won't get nailed for losing or abusing THEM) but the span of control is still high.

"As Child Protective Services caseworkers track the progress in foster care of children removed last month from a polygamous sect's ranch in Eldorado, they'll work on just 15 cases at a time."

Well, that's not TOO bad, but I imagine the average "FLDS Caseworker" (that would be a MOTHER) has a much smaller load. In the meantime;

"...the average CPS caseworker monitors more than 40 children and parents at once.

Some lawmakers are questioning whether the focus on the sect children is fair to the 27,000 other children in a system already struggling with heavy caseloads and high staff turnover."

Ya Think!?!?! It's about the children..... The state of Texas is constructing their little Potemkin Village for us to see. How did that work out?

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