Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Revisiting the questions...

I continue to muse about Rozita Swintons past. I have little capability to investigate beyond the ordinary internet user. In truth my discussion with Paula Underwood at the "Westview", I got what I regard to be unsatisfying answers.

An author named "Kate Rosemary" who her publisher claims is a "Pen Name" almost certainly is a pen name and is offered as Rozitas "Foster Mother." Excerpts from her published work "Raising Shane" were offered to KRDO in Denver and apparently name Rozita. I'm waiting to get copies of those pages and may have order the book to get them. Expensive in my present situation. "Kate" is said to be by her publisher, unwilling to give her real name because she wishes to protect foster children.


So you connect yourself to a national news figure whose involvement may be so deep in the case that she will be in the news for months. Because you want to protect the identity of foster children.


I don't buy it. It was either dumb or a deceitful answer. No one can know reasons for the deceit, if it is that. Westview is also the publisher for "Kate Rosemary" and they're now touting a new work "After Disclosure" and "Kate" is said to be "working on a novel." That doesn't sound as if the author is trying to keep her charges protected. So if that is NOT the case and "Kate Rosemary" IS trying to capitalize on the Rozita Swinton mess, why would she conceal who she is? No one has interviewed "Kate Rosemary" even with in a "voice altered" "face pixelated" format. She hasn't called. Not to my knowledge.

Who is Kate Rosemary? At two am a little while ago I stuck the name out for some bites, and didn't get any. There is a reporter trying to help on this issue who has more resources, but I have not heard back from him. The media outlet he works for had a site update on her story today, but the content is the same as it was a week or two ago.

"Kate Rosemary" is Merry Cate Noel. The first work by "Kate Rosemary" was under that name and called "The Feminization of Job." This book has been rapidly repackaged by her publisher and touted even before that repackaging as one of the works referring to Rozita Swinton and being by "Kate Rosemary." It is now called "After Disclosure" and no reference is made to it's former author, Merry Cate Noel. If you scroll down, you can see that evidence in an earlier post. Book cover and all. So the owner of the property referring to Rozita Swinton is now trying to market that book by declaring loudly that she is in it, but saying we can't meet the author, because that might "harm the children" she had in her charge. Normally, that's a pile of something. I have fairly good information at the moment that there is a Merry Noel who is actively involved in foster care and adoption issues. It could be that Merry Noel is yet another pseudonym. In any case it smells. Merry Noel, if she exists as THAT person did foster care work most likely in Tennessee and most likely, is still there. Somebody see if you can find her. She is a public figure now, having published books and having tried to gain velocity from another public figure, Rozita Swinton. Find her. I know someone can.

The other question I have now that we have a lull in the action, that lull coming from the appointment of the Special Persecutor is partly answered by a reader. I got an email but not a post. Quoting from the email;

"The arrest warrant you address as being canceled was that in which Affidavit to Search and Arrest Warrant
# M O8 OO1 S
was produced. It included warrant for the crime of Sexual Assault of a Child, Texas Penal Code Section 22.011, naming Dale Barlow to be arrested.
The second warrant in which Affidavit to Search and Arrest Warrant # M O8 OO2 S was produced, included Sexual Assault of a Child, Texas Penal Code Section 22.011 and Bigamy, Texas Penal Code Section 25.01 as charges directed at UNKNOWN individuals."
The writer goes on to mention the "fruit of the poison tree" issue. The second warrant is for bigamy and sexual abuse of a child. I'd think they have no evidence of bigamy. By this time they have been able to put that issue to rest.

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kbp said...

You stated "I got an email but not a post. "

There was no post, it was simply my summary of the initial two affidavits filed, which have been available for quite some time now. By April 11th at the latest I believe.

Here is one of many LINKSto those affidavits in question.

A page with many more LINKS, articles, information... including that one above.