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Rozita Swinton, The BOOK.

And I'm not kidding. Rozita has a book. Two. About her. Well, it's about her and other foster children. KRDO Denver. The article is sourced from HERE. Westview Publishing.

"A Tennessee Newspaper is reporting that Swinton was sexually abused before being placed in state custody. Citing unnamed sources, it also claims Swinton was 'kidnapped by an associate of her abuser and taken across state lines to Texas and then California where she escaped.'

The book Raising Shane, written by her foster mother Kate Rosemary, talks about Swinton's past. "Rozita came to live with us when she aged out of the foster care system. She is one of the most interesting people you can imagine."

In another book, After Disclosure, (a new title for the work "The Feminization of Job") she writes about how Swinton was 'tragically abused.' Rosemary says, '(she) suffered from one of the most extreme forms of posttraumatic stress disorder: she had been diagnosed as having developed multiple personalities' all of which could explain why she reverts back to being a teenager when calling police."

The dates in the story don't make sense.

"Swinton's father Clarence was released from jail in 1992. He was originally convinced of first-degree murder back in 1965. After serving only 12-years, the Governor of Tennessee commuted his sentence. The Tennessee Department of Human Services filed a restraining order on her behalf, not only in Tennessee, but also in Colorado."

This is a typo or misquote. (EDIT, I deleted a large portion of this entry as I found the source information, which made more sense, but still left a lot of questions.)

Listening to the audio of the report from KRDO it get's even worse. Swinton is said to have spend 5 years as a kidnap victim as a teenager. But she graduated from High School in Nashville. She in fact went to two High Schools in Nashville. And she was a LDS missionary (not FLDS). Something REALLY doesn't add up.

UPDATE. The article at KRDO is poor quote. The source, Westview publishing phrases it this way:

"Rozita Swinton’s father was one of the hundreds of convicted felons released by then-Governor Ray Blanton during the pardons for money scandal that led to Lamar Alexander taking office early. Clarence Swinton was convicted of First Degree Murder in 1965 and was sentenced to 99 years in prison. His sentence was commuted by Blanton after he served only 12 years. In 1992, while Rozita was still in the Department’s custody, the Tennessee Department of Human Services (now DCS) had a restraining order issued against him on her behalf. When he located Rozita in Colorado in 2005, this order was registered in that state so that it could be enforced there."

That clears things up a bit. Clarence served from 1965 to about 1977. But Rozita is still born in 1974. (not so clear)

It doesn't add up though. Also Westview Publishing doesn't understand it would seem, the difference between "Mormons" (LDS) and the FLDS.
This would make more sense. Clarence Swinton gets out in the 1977-8 time frame. Comma. Then later in 1992 there is a restraining order. The wild odyssey of kidnapping across the country into Texas and California by unnamed persons has a strained time frame though, to say the least. Since KRDO has created a good deal of confusion, I've contacted the story's author and asked for clarification.

Personally, it wouldn't shock me if there was no Kate Rosemary at this point. It wouldn't shock me even if it turned out Kate Rosemary was Rozita Swinton.

UPDATE: The book AFTER DISCLOSURE is not published. "Kate Rosemary" has two books, both self published (not a crime) by an author for which there is utterly no reference outside the fact that she is listed as publishing two books. The other book is the "Feminization of Job" (now titled "After Disclosure") I am also now aware of other facts regarding the story in "Raising Shane" and in the article on which KRDO bases it story that render significant portions of it false. I'll keep digging. I couldn't update portions of this story until May 2nd, since my internet went down.

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