Friday, May 02, 2008

Rozita Swinton Update.

It would seem at least that Rozita Swinton is a separate entity from "Kate Rosemary" (UPDATE, or is that "Merry Cate Noel"), I am now assured by her publishing company that "Kate Rosemary" does exist, and has been seen by the author of the article in the "Westview" where Rozita is profiled. "Kate Rosemary" is in fact a "Pen Name" used by the author to protect foster children in her care or having been in her care.

Clarence Swinton, the man Rozita Swinton says is her father, is in fact her father from all indications. The dates DO square up. It's a troubling commentary on our criminal justice system but Rozita's father was on work release 8 years or less after his conviction for 1st Degree Murder. It is a further commentary on our criminal justice system that Clarence's scheduled date for termination of his probation is in 2014 but he can engage in activities that cause court orders to be issued in two states to prevent him seeing his daughter, and still he is out roaming around.

Rozita spent 5 years in foster care, was kidnapped, went through Texas and California and ended up in Colorado. Again, all of this according to the "Westview" article's author. It should be noted that "Westview" also published "Kate Rosemary's" book.

What remains odd is why no one feels "at liberty" to speak about Rozita's "kidnapping." Certainly the "kidnappers" would have committed a criminal offense. The story is not a secret, Rozita's identity is NOT being protected. It's all now a matter of public record that she went on a wild ride kidnapping which as near as I can figure deposited her in Colorado, where she stayed. One of the cell phones she used to make calls was registered to Courtney Swinton, a sibling, also from Tennessee, also in trouble with the law and listed as living in the same apartment complex as Rozita. It has never been confirmed that Courtney did anything more though, than have his name used.

With Rozita's hearing put off until June it's my supposition that something really stinks about her story beyond the fact that it is now obvious she was "Sarah" and ignited the FLDS/YFZ raid in Eldorado. A person calling crisis centers in the extreme Southwestern portion of Florida and buying cell phones to make calls to mislead the police in places as far away as the Seattle Area and back in Tennessee is either very well traveled or has other people involved in her deceit. It will be interesting to find out exactly what all the connections are.

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