Friday, May 09, 2008

Stolen Children and Stolen Elections, Florida in 2000, Texas in 2008

My wife knows that one of the things my head will explode about is the 2000 Florida Recount. The mainstream media has settled into allowing it to be described as "stolen" by George Bush. Never mind the fact that numbers don't behave the way they did in the Florida selective recount. Few of you I am sure remember the initial margin in the election which was about 5000-5500 votes. For George.

During the recount, which was occurring ONLY in one county in Florida, a travesty of incredible proportions, the margin kept shrinking. It got down almost to 200 votes. Numbers don't behave that way. Recounting the same sample over and over and over again honestly doesn't produce a result more and more to your liking each time, not when the result was so clearly unfavorable the first time. Yet the counters kept counting, much like the Texas CPS keeps sifting. One was confident that they would find 2500, no, 1000, no 800, no 220 more votes if they just kept looking, The Texas CPS is likewise sure that if they just keep extending the game, they'll find a crime.

In the case of the Florida Recount, after a few days I began to say to myself, "This must stop." It wasn't of course, the Mainstream media was complicit. The "TROOF" that came out of that election was "George Bush Stole It" and that TROOF still lingers and stinks to this day. Cynical leftist politicians play on it all the time.

So how is the Texas FLDS CPS situation similar? The "TROOF" in the minds of most Americans is that the FLDS is abusing children on a massive scale, and that Texas is doing it's job, instead of the truth, which is that Texas is bumbling and stumbling around and hasn't found a thing. Gore didn't win, there is no Sarah, Texas has found no crime. Texas doesn't know what it's doing.

The Standard-Times-"(Tom) Goff described the situation as "still fairly disorganized."

'The problem now is, we have no contact person at CPS' if paperwork is incorrect or profiles the wrong child, Goff said. 'When these orders are wrong, have varying information, we have no contact to go to. They're not putting the birthdates on the service plans. You're sent an order, and you're not sure if it's your child.'"

They same disorganized Keystone Cop routine is occurring here. Texas doesn't know what it's doing, beyond being experts at the bureaucratic shuffle that keeps the ball in play. They don't care. The whole object is to keep the kids, and keep the game going until Texas gets what it wants, namely, they find a crime. In Florida, the hand recounting was going to keep going until by some stretch of the imagination, there was a count where there was at least one more vote for Gore, than Bush. Do any of you honestly think the recount would have kept going to see of there would be in some future vote, more for Bush, than Gore?

Both the Florida Recounters and the Texas CPS have no reason other than their desired result to continue. In the case of Florida we had well connected moneyed up highly skilled lawyers on each side. Gore brought suit to keep the recount going. Bush kicked it up to the Supreme Court to stop it. Time was of the essence. Florida needed to certify an election by a date and we needed a President. The Supreme court stepped in and our collective cookies were saved. We had an election, we got a President and life went on.

This business in Texas MUST STOP. It's not an election in this case, it's families and children. Texas cannot find the result it wants but will continue, as evidenced by the above quote, layering on Bureaucracy, adding new players, bring those new players up to speed and keeping the kids. In case you don't know the damage to the children is ALREADY irreparable. Ask Wilford Black. Oh, you can't. He was around for the 1953 version of this travesty, but isn't talking to anyone.

Unlike 2000 there is no champion for the families, pushing the resolution time table up, insisting that Texas must have a crime, to continue. There is a time element here. It's not that damage might occur if Texas does not do it's job right, it is that Damage Is Occurring and only MORE of it will occur if this is not stopped.

This MUST STOP. This country does not exist to provide Bureaucracies the time to get their acts together. If in fact we have learned ANYTHING about Bureaucracies, they will NEVER get their act together. Waiting for Texas to sort things out means waiting FOREVER. On their own Texas will never say, "Oops, sorry, here are your children back." They will never back down from the position they have taken. There is a human element here. You're LOOKING at him. So just as in 2000, SOTUS stepped in and stopped what amounted to a coup d'etat in progress, someone somewhere must step in and stop the child abuse, by Texas, that is going on NOW.

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Anonymous said...

In the 1953 raid a law was found that basically said "no child could be adopted out without the parents written consent" isn't there some law, some where that can help right now for the FLDS in Texas? How does one go about sueing CPS/Texas for genocide? Maybe it will have to wait until after these hearings for the children...when it comes out that CPS/Texas will demand the FLDS renounce their religion, prophet and lifestyle if they ever want to see their children again.