Friday, May 09, 2008

Texas STILL can't keep track of the Children.

Texas has had the kids in custody now for quite some time. And the count keeps changing. First it was down in the low 400's and the number keeps getting quoted in news stories that the reporters don't verify facts on thoroughly enough to know that the number has changed, and changed, and changed again;

The Salt Lake Tribune
- "(Texas) includes a new count for the number of FLDS children in custody - 468 - which is four children more than its last announced tally."

I don't know about you, but I don't trust the state to be able to keep the kids best interests at heart, when they don't even know where they all are or have some way of keeping track and identifying them. When you can't count them, you aren't even qualified to keep a day care. Teachers take attendance.

We find in the article that in part, some of the delays in the case have been due to FLDS intransigence.

"Until women from a polygamous sect 'unequivocally' identify their offspring, they have no standing to contest a judge's decision to remove the children from a West Texas ranch, state officials argue.
The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services contends in a new court filing that FLDS mothers have engaged in a "conspiracy of silence" that forced the en masse hearings they now want to redo."

You know the old joke, Paranoia is a rational response, when everyone is trying to get you. FLDS women are exhibiting extraordinary backbone resisting the urge to break ranks and grab their own kids. Early news reports speculated this would happen and then there would be a "break" in the case. Except, there is no case yet.

Here's the dirty truth. If everyone lines up and give DNA and tells the truth about parentage, not just the moms but the dads. If they give dates and times. Someone will be arrested. That's a near certainty. We've already discussed how it is that if the group is large enough, and all behaviors and evidence examined, there will be a crime. That's why CPS is so cocksure regarding the safety of it's position.

What the FLDS is doing at this point is saying, "No, we're not telling you anything else, tell US what you think happened." In doing so they're asking for specifics. What crime? Against whom? Once Texas declares that then the FLDS will respond, as is their right that they have fifth amendment rights as do we all, and you'll start seeing moms identifying their children. Either that or a DNA test will be submitted to quickly and the crime discounted and then everyone comes and gets the kids.

Pilate examined Christ because he was told he was a criminal and ended up saying, "I Find No Fault In This Man." The FLDS are not Christ. Neither are we. They are ordinary people with rights in this country and it's time we started giving them those rights. No one should be asked to submit to what amounts to a life audit prior to getting their children back. The FLDS is holding out for specifics and showing great discipline. The kind Generals pray for.

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