Thursday, May 01, 2008

Texas Politicians Get Nervous About CPS...Clear Throats. CPS Visits Woodshed.

The Texas CPS has been using vague allegations of wrong doing on the part of the FLDS to keep public support for what they are doing. This has bothered a lot of watchers, myself included. Now Texas Senator Jane Nelson is starting to express ever so mild concern; From GoSanAngelo;

"Wednesday in Austin, the chairwoman of the Senate's Health and Human Services Committee was unhappy with information the department presented about the weeklong raid begun April 3.

'I agreed to this format with the understanding that the agency would cover the topics we discussed,' said Sen. Jane Nelson, R-Lewisville. 'That didn't happen at the hearing, which concerns me because, as policy makers, we have a responsibility to ensure that the agency is fulfilling its mission.'

'We have asked for a written response by the end of the day to the questions we put to the agency and are now awaiting that response.'"

No, you mean they aren't being accountable? You mean CPS is starting backfires essentially, to control the fire?

"With regard to Cockerell's comments on broken bones, a briefing issued after his testimony states, 'We do not have X-rays or complete medical information on many children, so it is too early to draw any conclusions based on this information, but it is cause for concern, and something we'll continue to examine.'

FLDS members reacted sharply to Cockerell's comments, saying the state is deliberately misleading the public to cover its own errors in the case. A physician at the ranch who is also an FLDS member said most of the broken bones were from minor falls, and that there is no pattern of abuse there.

Parker said state officials are 'trying to politically inoculate themselves from the consequences of this horrible tragedy. This is just an attempt to malign these people.'"

Yup. It would appear that CPS did not turn in their homework and didn't come to class prepared either.

"The presentation from Cockerell included information supporting the CPS allegations that physical abuse has occurred at the ranch and suggestions that the boys might have suffered sexual abuse.

He offered no details in support of the sexual abuse allegations in his presentation to the committee. He went to the lieutenant governor's office immediately after his presentation and later sent out an aide to tell reporters he would not comment further."

Woodshed! And then;
"At that point, Nelson issued a statement demanding further information."
Apparently Jane is starting to feel a small bit of courage...

"We have asked for a written response by the end of the day to the questions we put to the agency and are now awaiting that response."
FLDS Doctor Denies abuse at YFZ Ranch. (Salt Lake Tribune)

"Grits for Breakfast" is on it.

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