Monday, June 02, 2008

FLDS "Renounces" underage marriage.

The FLDS says it will no longer perform or engage in or recommend underage marriages;

The San Angelo Standard-Times - "Willie Jessop of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints said today the sect will not sanction marriages of underage girls and will counsel members against such unions.

He insists marriages within the sect have always been consensual."

Frankly, up to the his point the lack of discovery of such a union suggests they had been doing so all along.

"Meanwhile, the company responsible for testing the DNA of hundreds of parents and children living on the YFZ Ranch began returning the results to state district court today, the state Attorney General's Office said."

Which coincides with the appointment of the Grand Jury. We see their plan. Service plan hearings end, kids were going to be in custody still and then the "parent trap" begins.

"Additional reports likely will be delivered throughout the week - each report detailing the mother and father of each of the roughly 450 children involved in the massive child-custody case, said attorney general spokeswoman Janece Rolfe.

'Reports have been delivered to the court,' Rolfe said. 'Each child has a report. That report will state who the mother is,' and an additional report will detail the child's paternity."

Connecting the dots will start, and the grand jury will be informed. If there is an underage mother with an "overage" father, they'll know and an indictment will follow, provided of course there is a mom that got pregnant at YFZ or in Texas and after September of 2005. I doubt there will be many such situations. They're already down to single digit numbers of "were pregnant" girls. Remember what the math has to be. The child must be younger than two years of age now and the child's mother must be about 19 years and 7 months old and younger. Then she must testify that the sexual relationship occurred in Texas. A two year and one month old child makes mom pregnant before the law changed. A father that is less than three years older than his partner/wife does not constituted a violation of law. I don't think the grand jury is going to have much to do.

By the way, whatever happened to the special persecutor? Did they ever name one or is it just the Texas State Attorney General's office?

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